Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated - Roadtrip to Milwaukee!

If you've been following this blog at all, you understand that I have a deep regard for my hometown of Chicago.  Yet I would be remiss in not acknowledging another Midwestern city that means the world to me.  If Chicago is my heart, then Milwaukee is my soul.  So when my Doctor-Friend invited me to her son's 4th birthday in Milwaukee, I insisted my husband make a firehouse trade for the day off.  Then, for the bargain price of only $4.39/gallon of gas, we left Chi-town behind.  Now that I think about it, we probably could have all flown there for cheaper.

I've got another dear friend up in Milwaukee (referred to in previous posts under the un-stealthlike pseudonym of "Milwaukee-Friend").  She left Chicago for cheesier pastures some years ago and has never looked back.  Milwaukee-Friend was the catalyst behind We Band of Mothers - insisting that a stay-at-home mom can actually have a voice in the world.  Slurred speech and all.

Dr. Friend with Real WI Meat
Milwaukee's Summer Fest and Irish Fest have been staples in my life for years.  My husband and I had our first real date in Milwaukee.  We visited there the weekend after we got engaged in order to celebrate with friends.  I saw Les Miserables for the 15th time in Milwaukee.  My boys and I have ridden the ski lift at the Maier Festival Parkgrounds about a thousand times.  I even did the Milwaukee brewery boat tour and managed to not fall off a single boat.  I also really love Laverne & Shirley.  That Squiggy just makes me laugh. 

When we drive to Milwaukee, my husband (who is not by nature a chipper person) giddily points out the Bong Recreational Area and chuckles.  Bong Recreational...heh heh heh....that's funny, Marianne. heh heh heh. We know to do the exact speed limit once we cross the state line because the troopers ticket Illinois drivers 30% more.  Apparently we've got a bad rep up there.  They've even given us an acronym:  FIBs. ( F-ing Illinois Bastards).  There aren't too many places I go where I have my own acronym.  I'm a little honored.

So if you can manage to not get distracted by the Bong Recreational Area or ticketed by a Wisconsin State Trooper, you will find a city brimming with warm people and a beautiful lakefront.  And how can I not mention The Safe House?  Our entire glass collection is comprised of Spy's Demise glasses from The Safe House bar.   Milwaukee-Friend and Doctor-Friend took me there early in our friendship and never gave me the password to get in.  Let's just say a little public humiliation was involved to finally gain entrance.  If I ever find the photos, they will be destroyed.

Our trip down memory lane was only made better by a wonderful visit with Doctor-Friend (who made these weird cheese-olive-cherry-meat concoctions that tasted awesome despite the combination) and Milwaukee-Friend.  Milwaukee-Friend has informed me that I have a loyal fan base amongst some of her co-workers.  Thank you co-workers!  I will so come to any of your fundraisers any time you need me. 

So thank you, Milwaukee, for always showing me a good time and  making me do the speed limit.  Sometimes it's good to slow down and take a picture of the Bong Area.  heh heh heh.  Bong Area

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