Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Act of Insanity Courtesy of Luis the Bike Man

Every Friday, I let my kids play at the school park for an hour or so.  And just about every Friday, Luis-the-heavily-accented-dad appears with his elaborate bike trailer.  I'm going to guess he's Brazilian because he's often wearing a soccer (futbol?) jersey.  Brazilians love their soccer, right?  Which reminds me of a comment my hockey-playing 11-year-old nephew made when I was complaining about the overall hassle of having kids in ice hockey:

Drew: You know what they'd call hockey if it was easy, Aunt Marianne?

Me: What, Drew?

Drew:  Soccer.

The school kids know the routine for Fridays.  They get in line, shove each other around for a few minutes trying to establish a pecking order, and then board Luis' cart-o-fun.  Some kids help pedal.  Some kids ride in the passenger section.  And some kids just run along screaming things.  I don't like that last bunch so much.

I don't know what kind of genetic mutation causes a man to commit such generous acts of kindness for obnoxious children (mine included).  It could be sweltering outside, and there's Luis carting around 200 pounds of kid.  Even when he looks miserable and sweaty while wishing he'd just driven the minivan to pick up his own children, he still gives every last kid in line at least one ride.

Luis is just another example of someone who goes through life a far nicer person than me.  I'm the mom who never remembers which playdates are allergic to peanuts and I've almost put 5 kids into anaphylactic shock.  Geez I hope those moms aren't reading this today.

Cheers to Luis.  Maybe I'll bring him one of cousin Kate's beer coolies this week.  I wonder if they have a pattern at Joann Fabrics for Carnival? And how the hell do you say "beer coolie" in Portuguese? 

Who Needs Six Flags?


  1. I would have loved that as a kid...or even now. Where does one find a trailer like that?