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My name is Marianne and I am a Chicago mother of three sons. I once expected to die alone surrounded by cats and newspapers, but then I met my Joe, fireman and purveyor of one-liners.  For nearly 14 years, he has taught me cuss words that I never even knew existed.  He also cooks, which is the only reason any of us are still alive.

I am a columnist for Chicago Parent magazine and I also write a blog for their online site, Failing with Gusto.  My book, Epic Mom: Failing Every Day a Little Bit More than You is super-duper funny and available HERE.

I spent 10 years in insurance where I wrote kick-ass press releases on Directors & Officers insurance. I also broke 10 copier machines.

I had a knack.

If you want to contact me and give me a check for 1 million GBP because you are an exiled world leader, please email me at mostlymarianne@gmail.com.

I also blog for food, free shoes, and an introduction to Donny Osmond.

Enjoy the blog!



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  1. Time of the year to expose the calorie labeling on Affy Tapples. Which kid gets the stick ??