Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boys of Summer Are Here

Hear that?



That's because my blow dryer is O-F-F (at least for the summer). Buzz cuts have been professionally administered all around, and I have 3 boys who now look like new army recruits.

Back in the days before I lost all sentimentality in favor of pragmatism, I would weep when the stylists would click on their buzzers and remove my babies' precious locks. Those sweet little curls of the toddler years were snatched away in nanoseconds. How cold and heartless it all seemed.

Not anymore. Now I merrily skip into Hair Cuttery and offer up one simple request:

Scalp 'em.

For the cost of $10 a head plus tip, I save hundreds of dollars on haircut costs over the next 4-5 months. Unshackled from having to dry, comb, and style hair for a trio of jumpy boys every morning allows me time to make coffee before piano, chess, violin, soccer, baseball, and mommy's analysis for mothers who over-schedule. We practically saunter out the door once hair becomes a non-issue. Why in the name of all that is holy don't I stick to this cut year-round? The sleep gained! The hours saved! The sanity preserved! Heck, I started to want a buzz cut, too! When I suggested this to my husband, he suggested a divorce. Good to know.

As the final dusting of each neck is performed by the stylists, I look at the mounds of castaway hair  on the floor of Hair Cuttery.  Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last!

Thank you Dan, Jack, and Joey for allowing me to strip you of your Samsonian strength this way. Thank you for not putting up a fight as mommy marches towards a liberated summer. Thank you for not being born girls and demanding french braids and twists (I would have had to outsource to more adept mothers).

Thank you, boys of summer, thank you.


  1. We share the same brain! I cut Xander' hair last night as well. But, he wanted to make "an appointment" at a kid salon in the burbs that charges $20 for a bad haircut and the chance to sit in a fire engine chair and watch Thomas the Train while getting your hair done. Instead, he got the wrath of mom and a threat of all toys being taken away unless he sat still for me to "do my magic". And, by "do my magic" I mean I make uneven cuts repeatedly until his hair look like a combination of Spock and the bowl cuts that were very popular (I think) in the 80s!

  2. We'll grow more hair to make you moms happy in scalping us. It's the least we can do. Just feed us and give us any kind of a playing ball for the summer.

    Love from all the boys of summer to their moms.

  3. So I was not the only mother who shed tears over the "sweet little curls of toddler years"!
    So nice to know this was normal??
    The ease, clean, good-lookingness of the buzz quickly helped this grieving Mom recover and glad it has for you too! If the boys do not love it already, they will as they return to their sports. Love to all the boys of summer!

  4. Rada - Hat's off. I did try to shave Jack last year and the results were horrifying. Those $20 kid places with the video games are quite a racket. Post some pics of Xander!

    Anonymous #1 - You said it.

    Anonymous #2 - I used to cry over everything. I'm starting to really celebrate the last year or so of more freedom and less stress. Baby years are HARD! (:

  5. I'm ready for my apology.