Friday, June 3, 2011

Fisher Price Little People Don't Drink Wine

In an effort to break my personal record for nights out in a 2-week period, I am writing this after several glasses of wine and with limited clarity after a night out at Cork & Kerry.  I feel I have a little making up to do for my dismal college partying years and even more dismal post-baby years.

I did not take into full consideration creative stagnation and wine impediment when I made a commitment to write in this blog every day for a year.  Kind of like I didn't take into full consideration taking 21 semester hours would have on my ability to have fun during my 3 1/2 years of college.  I listen to Joe's EIU stories and I still can't believe we attended the same university.  There are bars I never went to and parts of town I never visited.  Yet Joe has no idea of what the names are for most of the actual buildings on campus.  I guess we can call it a wash.

As I'm hoping a funny little photo will garner some forgiveness for editorial shortcomings, I dug up a picture I shot a few weeks ago.  Look at those Mona Lisa-esque smiles on those suckers.  What do they know that we don't?  What kind of clarity have they found in their world of armless existence? 

I meant this picture to be used with the not-yet-written entry on my fascination (dare I say obsession?) with vintage Fisher Price Little People.  Until then, you'll have to use your own powers of reasoning (with or without wine) to figure out why I have a vast collection of 30-year-old chokables in a house full of  children.

If you have a good guess, please email me at or feel free to comment.  The first correct answer will receive one of my duplicate and probably chewed-up Little People.  I'll soak it in rubbing alcohol before dropping it in the post. 

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