Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Barber

Joe has been going to the same barber for years.

"Barber" is perhaps a bit of a misnomer.

High-end, nationally ranked salon is probably a more accurate description. 

Keep in mind, I still go to Super Cuts.

The nice thing about "Uncle Ralph," is he cuts my kids' hair for free.  So I cut Joe a little slack for dragging us all downtown for haircuts. 

We all know how much I like free. 

Ralph also treats us like family, and constantly begs me to stop going to Super Cuts.

Uncle Ralph & The Parlor.  For those who care about their hair & the salon experience, this is the place for you.

I guess I don't feel as though I deserve such a luxury when you consider how much I spend on online clearance shoes.

Hair vs. Shoes? 

Shoes take all.


  1. I just moved to a new town and couldn't find my hair clippers (I buzz my hair) and really needed a haircut. All of the barber shops I went to were PACKED, which I guess made sense since it was Friday of Memorial Day weekend after work let out.

    Anyway, I finally found a place that wasn't swamped, and it was one of those really nice salon-type things. They charged me $19 for a simple buzz, but she took her time and washed my hair after.

    Actually, I think I'm just going to write a blog post about it. It will probably bore you, since I just wrote everything here, so don't bother reading it.

    But either way, it was a nice relaxing experience, albeit expensive.

  2. In 4 days I go on vacation and don't plan on shaving or getting a haircut for 3 weeks. If my family is nice, I might bathe. I'm practicing for my retirement in 5 yrs.

  3. Youngman - I love haircut posts. It all feels very Sampson & Delilah.

    Maplewood - Oh lord. Be kind and bathe. And have a great trip!!

  4. Many days, I wish I were a man so I could Bic my hair and not have to worry about anything aside from a sunburn... Shoes take all!

    If you're up for a game of blog tag, I linked to you!

  5. I can't pay much for a haircut. I even cut my own last summer. My husband is even cheaper than me. He wants me to cut his- NO WAY.

    (You know there's a lot of 'tagging' going around. I don't know if you've been tagged yet, and if you have, don't feel pressure to do mine. BUT, it you want to, I tagged you-

  6. In a contest between hair and shoes I will always choose shoes too. Shoes last longer and I don't have to blow dry them. Plus, shoes never disappoint me unlike my hair.

  7. I need to find a new hair person, since mine ran away with his new love, Adam. Maybe I should try Ralph, next time I'm in Chicago. Until then, I go to Great Clips and pay $12 for what looks like a $15 haircut.

  8. I love shoes and my son thinks I am nuts. He has a "one shoe rule" for himself, but I just talked him into buying three pairs. Between me and you, I think he likes them.