Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fire at The Magic!

The urgent text message came across in ALL CAPS on my friend's phone while we were out with the girls for a birthday dinner. Another group of mutual friends was sharing cocktails across town, but they still got the dispatch to us courtesy of modern technology and iPhones:


The Magic!  One of Joe's favorite restaurants!  The place my kids think of as the place to go for a home-cooked meal (see tab on Joe's Favorite Restaurants).  The horror!

Thankfully, the nearest fire house is about 2 blocks away and nobody was hurt.  I believe firmly that the responding firefighters treated the restaurant with extra care and caution.  The place is an institution here in Beverly. 

I headed over to The Magic with Jack (who wanted to verify with his own two eyes that the place was still standing) today.  I ran into the owner who told me they have every intention of re-opening as soon as all the paperwork and insurance stuff goes through.  Jack smiled, relieved.

In times of such duress, I was forced to embrace my standard method of coping. 

I signed Danny up for cello lessons.

Because we all heal in our own way.  Mine usually involves adding new instruments to the kids' repertoire. 


  1. First time visiting and commenting on your blog; so glad the fire was contained and hopefully didn't cause too much damage to an obviously great place to eat and one that holds a special place in your family's heart :)

    I have to laugh under you handled your stress; the cello could be a good instrument to play, I do believe (provided your son wants to play the cello?)


  2. Yes, I agree, Thank God no one was hurt and they'll rebuild. As far as coping with stress goes....when in doubt a cold MGD does the trick every time. lol

  3. Great Decision! Is that a violin or cello? It sure beats a drum. Hmmmm......... is there a pun in there somewhere?
    Your the best, SF

  4. Haaaaaa, love it - s'pose it beats kicking the cat, eh? My niece and nephew would certainly empathize with your son, both their parents being musicians they're kinda' resigned to having that sorta' stuff pulled on them (grin).

    How did the fire start?

  5. Hopefully the insurance company doesn't give them problems like they did with me (but they ended up paying double).

    Love the Cello! I couldn't sign my son up for enough instruments.

  6. That corgi - Thanks and welcome! I gave Dan the option of guitar, drums or cello and the kid opted for cello. Go figure.

    Maplewood - Mmmm beer. Be sure to check out my first alcohol-review blog next month. Seriously. They've asked me to review BOOZE. It's like I've died & gone to heaven.

    SF - Cello! I'm working on my muscial trio. Puns scare me.

    Shrinky - The owner just said it was electrical. I didn't want to push further because he looked bummed. I just wanted to make sure our pancake place was up & running ASAP. Cuz it's all about me.

    Crack - tell me your son is a musical genius who writes you songs for Mother's Day. That's my dream. Sorry about your own fire - at least it worked out for you (in the long-run anyway).

  7. Do you need an assistant? That's against our blog union that I just's under statute 3.58&^%%$()...or something like that but it reads and I'm serious, "no blogger shall individually, alone or hidden away in a cave,be the lone taste tester of any alcoholic beverage(s) unless of course the brilliant author of the Maplewood Block Forum is invited. Really...

  8. Heh. I love your form of healing. I'm wondering, though, if your children love it as much as you and I do? It looks like a lonely cello...