Friday, May 11, 2012

My Kind of Town

Living on the southside of Chicago, we are only a quick 20 minute drive to the heart of downtown.  Thousands of people each year visit my hometown for its history, architecture and accessibility.

Took this one from the car, shoulda planned better.
Despite all of Chicago's offerings, there are certain little places that are legendary to people in the know.  Bev the hotdog lady used to operate a stand on 38th & Union. My husband would always stop and grab a few dogs on his way to a Sox game, insisting that Bev had the best ones in the entire city. In a unique and charming fashion, Bev would provide change using Kennedy half-dollars.

Sadly, Bev was buried on opening day last year.

Joe was very upset to learn of Bev's passing. She was that old school vendor who always brought a smile to my husband's face. Joe had also hoped to pass on the tradition of Bev's dogs to our sons. Unwilling to let go of that dream, he carefully researched where she had bought her dogs and located this tiny little operation on south Archer called Veteran Tamale Foods:

I bought my husband a silly little barking dog steamer for Christmas last year (it barks when the dogs are ready) because he insists that steam is the only way to make a decent dog. 

So once a week, my husband makes hotdogs for the boys while Hero the barking steamer does his job.

Sometimes, new traditions are okay, too.


  1. How far removed is Joseph from opening his own eats place?

  2. Traditions are so important. Your kids will likely never forget how Dad went out of his way to get hot dogs.

  3. SF - 6 months tops.

    Jewewls - And I'll never forget this ridiculous barking steamer! (;