Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day - Time to Hit the Tanning Booth?

The thing I love most about Mother's Day is the haul.  I LOVE presents:

The thing about Mother's Day that leaves me a little confounded is my children's depiction of me.  Based on Danny's latest Mother's Day profile, I am some kind of pizza-downing, ping-pong playing wack job who likes to TAN.  Yes. Danny listed my #1 hobby as TANNING. 

For the record, I haven't played ping pong since 1992.  And I've had an aversion to pizza (which is actually Joe's favorite food) since my first pregnancy.  Lastly, I don't tan. 

I'm sensing my oldest child is looking to land a few soft blows as payback for all those extra hours of piano practice I've been inflicting lately.

But he did get a couple things right.

I love him very much.

And my name is Marianne.


  1. If you decide to tan at our place, you'll have to wait until I get our bed fixed. Somehow a customer s'pposedly broke (cracked) ours by getting out of it improperly.

    I rarely get to see my mother, but she passed through town on her way to a college graduation two days before Mother's Day so we got to meat together for lunch. Hahaha, 'meat', actuaLLy I had chicken and I believe she had a different animal, the moo one, maybe. I gave her the gift of paper, which she enjoyed. HopefuLLy she figured out how to turn off the very annoying GPS unit in her vehicle that her cousin had loaned her. Our conversation was constantly bombarded with roboticaLLy voiced "Turn Left" and "Turn Right" suggestions.

  2. My daughter always used to say that I liked to garden. It wasn't until later on that I realized she thought all the cursing I did as I yanked the weeds was "talking to the plants so that they'd grow."

  3. Priceless!! Happy Mother's Day :-)

  4. Maybe he meant beer pong?

  5. "She is absolutely and positively the best mum in the world because she loves me". How beautiful is that.

    Spawn would have put,"because she feeds me."

    Happy Mother's day! (though us Brits celebrated ours in March)

  6. I love how he know what your most prized possession is! All great answers...even ping pon.

  7. This is Great Marianne! I love looking back at these little classroom depictions of us as mothers. We can learn alot about ourselves. LOL!
    Have an awesome day!

  8. This is so funny! From a teacher's perspective, I suspect that it went something like this:

    (boy isn't getting his work done)

    teacher: what's your mom's favourite food?

    boy: shrug

    teacher: does she like cake?

    boy: shrug

    teacher: does she like spaghetti?

    boy: shrug

    teacher: does she like popcorn?

    boy: shrug

    teacher: does she like pizza?

    boy: writes down "pizza"


  9. So you don't tan you own about animal hides?

  10. I love those questionnaires. This year one of my kids questions was- What does she do when she's alone? Max's reply- 'She's never alone.' hehe So true.

  11. Thank God they didn't ask your favorite beverage as Katie's preschool did annually. I always laughed when the kids listed beer or wine as their parents favorite beverage. I had trained them to say that my favorite activity was excercising and my favorite food was salad - fooled everyone.

  12. esb - Ah...the GPS. Good times, good times.

    Maplewood - Thank you!

    Kirby - Whatever it takes, right?

    Catie - Thanks!

    Robyn - Hmmmm. Ya think?

    Lily - Spawn loves you. And happy late Mother's Day!

    Crack - Ping pon - shhhh. I was hoping nobody would notice.

    JR - You're right! I've learned that I have to prep my witnesses better.

    Stephanie - So whose mother do you s'pose REALLY tans? I'm intrigued.

    Andrea - my kid hides? KIDDING DCFS!

    Jewels - Ha! At least he gets it!

    Sara - I've learned my lesson. Always give the kids the script or they bust you!

  13. Do you want a Pinterest invite? Just send me your email again and I can send one out ...

    Hey, a $500 Visa gift card is worth it!



    And I love your mom's day haul. Maybe your son was watching the news and caught sight of that crazy tanning lady in NJ ... and got confused!

  14. You got presents?!
    Hey maybe he meant a different sort of tanning...
    1. process in which skin pigmentation darkens as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light
    2. beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment
    3. making leather from rawhide

  15. ok, it's been 2 days since you posted. Now what show are you starring in? No wait, I know, you're leading a protest downtown for the NATO conference right?

  16. From the looks and sounds of everything here in your post, Marianne, I'd say you had a truly wonderful Mother's Day!

    I have so many papers saved from when my daughter was little. Some of the things she had to say about me were hilarious. I just love going through them with her now (she's an adult), smiling at the happy and often very funny memories. :)

    Great post!

  17. that's ok, inside the special Mother's Day art book/ card that the teacher helped my younger son with was my age:

    yes, I am 80. So glad we found out now.

    Geriatric MOV