Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can I Have an "Amen?"

Read about my conversion tale in today's Chicago Parent Magazine

Hint: there are bobbleheads.

The only men in my life who nod in agreement every time I speak.  


  1. Too cute with the bobbleheads; enjoyed reading the artcle; seems to me it was a good thing to convert!!


  2. Great article, Marianne!

    Though we've lived in Portland for the last decade, my husband and I are from Chicago's NW side, so I truly do understand the monumental magnitude of your conversion as only another Chicagoan can! :D

  3. Carrie Lynn - Thank you!

    That corgi - I hate to be a fair weather fan, but the Sox have been a much bettte team over the last 10 years!

    Super Earthling - You left Chicago????? I hope you found a good pizza joint! (;

  4. I can only imagine that this conversion would be the same as if I became a Yankee Fan while living in Red Sox nation. Although, if I did I'm not sure my family would ever forgive me!