Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Portrait of An Artist

I never thought I'd live to see the day where my husband would be erecting a mini-Picasso with my son.  Yet it happened.  Read all about it in today's Chicago Parent Magazine.


  1. Wow! Your husband and son make a good team. Their mini Picasso came out great. I think your husband may also be a candidate for sainthood. Good grief that looked difficult!

    I've banned stainless steal from my house.

  2. Loved the article. Love the Walsh Picasso. I couldn't find anything to do with hotdogs in either ;)

  3. Such a heart warming article. I mean, I'm not saying my heart warms at your frustration with your City landmarks. Nooooo!!! My heart is warming at the fuzzy feeling of your husband helping your son. Those moments are precious to a mom. To be able to stand back and watch a father get into a project (swear words and all) and complete it, just to help out the kids. As mom's we are always running around, doing all of the 'helping'. There are times that just call for a Dad. But........that is not to say, if Dad wasn't around, us moms wouldn't be able to make a Kick Ass Picasso! ;) You betcha we would!
    Great article Marianne!

  4. Wow, awesome. I agree, Picasso had a wicked sense if humour. Chicago actually paid for that? Lol. It's like when we sold London bridge to Lake Havasu. Drink more tea!

  5. itsadomelie - Stainless steal seemed good in theory, but boy, have I learned my lesson! I'll pass along your nice thoughts to Joe - maybe it will inspire him to handle the next school project as well!

    dbstevens - Thanks - I'll try harder next time.

    JR - Thanks, JR. I suppose I did have sound reasons for marrying Joe, but if I was a single mom, I would have chosen the "oral presentation" option. I'm just that un-handy. ):

    Yonks - Trying the antioxidant tea today - my pores look like a Picasso! Thanks for reading!