Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rahm Emanuel & My Boyfriend from "House"

So here's how this went down.  I was sadly mourning the end of one of my favorite television shows, House, and bidding farewell to one of my favorite fantasy boyfriends actors, Jesse Spencer.  The adorable little Australian was the main reason I kept watching House even after it jumped the shark several seasons ago with a host of cast changes and far-fetched story lines.

With the help of the internet, I discovered that Jesse was going to be on a new show this fall - Chicago Fire.

My first thought was "oh we go." I would be subjected to hours of my husband complaining about all the technical inaccuracies portrayed in NBC's version of firefighting.

"It's called 'suspension of disbelief,'" I remind Joe each and every time we watch a fire-related movie or show.

"It's called 'a load of crap,'" my husband counters.

In addition to the normal Hollywood attempts to make a fire more exciting than it already is, there is also the Chicago "oops" factor.  This happens when actors are shown driving the wrong direction on Lake Shore Drive when they're supposed to be heading into downtown.  Or when they frantically yell out an address:

"We need to get to 1500 East Monroe NOW!"

My husband just rolls his eyes and mutters:

"Good thing they're driving directly into Lake Michigan.  Should have no problem putting out the fire there.  Plenty of water.  Dumb asses."

Regardless, I had to check out the trailers and was delighted to see Jesse not only looking cute as a button, but talking "American."  No accent.  I can see that Emmy now.

I found several clips of the new series, but then I nearly dropped dead when I spotted Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel:

View more videos at:

It's not every day you see the President's former Chief of Staff and current mayor appearing on network television.

I'll leave the comment section open to discussion about the politics of the situation, but I'm just really happy Jesse Spencer is going to be back on t.v. 

Because I just can't think about that other stuff right now.  Not when I've got all this laundry to do.

Have you ever heard how hard it is to get the smell of smoke out of clothes? 

Totally true.


  1. Haha....1500 East Monroe. You have to admit his response was pretty funny.

    About the political aspect, I don't have anything nice to say, so for now I will not say anything at all.

  2. I don't care if the geography is faulty...firemen are HOT!!

  3. I had to laugh with the comparisons of "fiction" and your husband's reality remarks especially the one driving into Lake Michigan; too funny! Not familiar with firefighting and shows about it, but have watched a few medical schools and caught discrepancies with what is said and what is actual that I caught because of my line of work.

    I am sure it must be hard to get the smell of smoke out of clothes; a challenging task indeed!

    Won't touch the politics question because I don't know much about politics, but will say any type of service organization like policemen, firemen etc put their lives on the line numerous times in an average day's work and they should be appropriately compensated for such risk.


  4. My future husband is another Aussie, Curtis Stone. Come to mama my little koala bear.

  5. Mary - 'Tis why I married him. Makes me laugh.

    Kirby - I would tend to agree with you on that one.

    That corgi - Joe is also a paramedic, so the medical shows all invoke his wrath as well. I really ought to just stick with reality television. Thank you for the comment!

    MRs. Tuna - LOL. What is it with all the hot Aussies? Do they just grow 'em cuter down under? Wait...that sounds a little dirty.

  6. Ohhh I wish I'd got a fireman...I know - it's the whole damsel in distress thing.

    By the time the series is over they will have burned the whole of the city down and no-one will want to move to Chicago because it seems to be full of pyromaniacs.

    And firemen everywhere will be getting hit on...I wish I'd got a fireman...hey now I understand why couples role play.

  7. Really, the possibility of ending up in a Jesse Spencer/Hugh Laurie sandwich was the primary reason to watch House regardless of season.

    My husband ruins all TV shows in which they practice law (or should. House drove him nuts and he would yell about malpractice and blah blah.) so I feel your pain.

    I'll be having to check out Jesse regardless. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. I'll watch if Russel Crowe makes an appearance. I don't like cute. I like manly.



  9. Julie - I'd lend you Joe's helmet any time you need it. (;

    TangledLou - I knew you had good taste. Jesse is definitely on my list. Actually, he is the ENTIRE list.

    Megan - I've got manly. Sometimes I get a yen for pretty boys.

  10. We live in the Boston area and when we hear people try to "do" the accent on tv, my husband and I tear it to shreds. We would totally do the same thing as your hubs if they made geographical mistakes, too!

  11. Ah, Dr. Chase, you will be missed. Maybe as a firefighter, we'll see him without his shirt more often.
    (I did love the way they ended House, though.)
    Your husband cracks me up. I take it you don't see 'fireman movies' either?