Sunday, May 6, 2012

And With Your Spirit

Well, we just wrapped up Danny's First Communion yesterday and all went well.  The only problem that we faced was our ongoing inability to remember the new church responses.

Joe and I kept inadvertently drawing attention to our sketchy mass attendance record with our use of  "and also with you," instead of the newer "and with your spirit."  When it came time to head for Communion, I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of terror and questioned Joe:

The response for THAT is still 'amen'...RIGHT??

Joe just shrugged his shoulders. 

Big help, that guy. 

Joe and I secretly hope that by each of our fathers' attending seminary school, we will somehow secure a slightly cooler spot in the fiery hereafter.

I did promise Father Frank I'd start trying to go to mass a little more often.  As Dan pointed out, "I've got the suit mom.   Now we can go to mass every Sunday."

Quite the optimist, that Daniel.


  1. We need to find some friends who will pray for us to get to heaven. It's really all we can hope for. President, C&E Club

    April 23, 2012 2:04 PM

    So it is REALLY true. The above quote or response to my "damnation post" from my world famous blog, was made by et emmmm, (this is where a bolt of lightning and clap of thunder comes into play, kids use your imagination here ok?)our world famous blogger named, MARIANNE!!! I'm with ya. My advice is the 2 second delay though. Let others out themselves so you can sound superior. It's almost like when you're at a party and you can't for the life of you remember someone's name, but they remember you, your kid's birthdays and your shoe size, and they say, Hi ......with a hug and smooch to your cheek and you're in panic mode and you have to say something so you respond, "hiii youuu or hi mbnbnndnmmmmuuummnnn...c'mon, we've all done it. My advice is to just say, "hiiiii, you look great!" Anyone hearing this instantaneously thinks of themselves, always. But I really,really hate when they don't say it back, as in, "so do you." When they don't you then reach in your pocket for your phone, look at it, say, "damn that kid, or these kids, excuse me," then run, run fast to your spouse and ask, "who the hell is that?" Sorry rambling here, what was the topic again?

  2. "The response for THAT is still 'amen'...RIGHT??" Hahaha! Priceless!

    When I went to my best friend's son's communion, (yeah I know, me in church!) They still said "and also with you." Thank goodness for that, because it's the only part I know.

    Danny looks so handsome in his suit. Time to keep him locked in the attic, away from all those girls.


  4. I am still convinced that there are some made up words in the new responses!

  5. Hahahaha!
    Me, at church when my mum still checked me with sideways glances to see if I was responding, 'mumble mumble mumble Christ mumble saviour mumble mumble with you too Amen' trying to follow the shapes other people were making with their mouths...always a little bit behind...

  6. What? You mean people don't say "and also with you" anymore? Huh. I didn't realize that had changed. We last went to church six years ago. A little kid in front of us got diarrhea and JP's gag reflex kicked in. We haven't been back since.

  7. What is it about little boys and suits? My 8 year-old complains about going to church EVERY week. Then, he gets a suit coat and can't wait to go.

  8. Maplewood - I think we might be the same person.

    Lily - Sorry. I was too distracted by the thought of you in a church to focus on the rest. You never cease to surprise me, Miss Lily.

    Andrea - Amen to THAT.

    Julie - You were a genius. I just made up words and never bothered throwing in a "savior" or "Christ."

    Stephanie - I would have taken that as a sign from God myself.

    Jewels - I suppose I myself like to the grocery store on good hair days. Makes sense, kinda, right?

  9. I'm wondering where you are since it's been like a day or two that you haven't written anything. Then I realized the Rapture must have occurred while I was taking my afternoon nap and you were scooped up into the clouds. My only question is, are the seats better up there watching the Sox?

  10. You never know how loudly you say the responses until you say them wrong.

    It really is tough to change it up and say something different than what you are used to saying for your entire life, and I must say that I have definitely shared your embarrassment in the past year when I show up to church.