Monday, June 4, 2012

For Jeanine

It's not too often that I get a request for a blog topic from a reader. Actually, it's not too often that I get someone who will publicly acknowledge being a regular follower. So with deep appreciation and regards for my sole superfan Jeanine, I will happily comply with her request for "More Joey" today.

We were at the mall several months ago and Joey was wearing a cheap little bracelet with a gold price sticker on it.  He spent most of the trip admiring the bracelet and commenting that it was his "most favorite thing ever."  Suddenly and without warning, Joey threw himself down in the middle of the mall and proceeded to have the mother of all 4-year-old tantrums.

Not being a particularly patient or empathetic person, my response was pretty standard:


"I lost my sticker!  My STICKER!  From my most beautiful bracelet and favorite thing ever."  (Joey really does talk like this, I have witnesses).

"Oh for the love of God, Joey, it was just the price sticker."

Unfortunately, my mom was in attendance, and if there was ever a person who will go out of her way to help soothe a broken hearted four-year-old, it's my mom.  She spent 20 minutes scouring the mall for a sticker that was freckle-sized.  And she found it.  Because that's how Peg rolls.

Joey looked up at her, tears of joy shining in his eyes, and thanked his Nana.  He then walked over to the nearest garbage can and dropped the sticker in.  My mother looked at him, astonished.

"That sticker was garbage Nana.  We hafta throw away stickers so we don't litter."

Story #106 that explains and supports our nickname for Joey.

Captain OCD.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Healy Photography


  1. I would say he's just 'passionate'.

  2. You must find ways to work that OCD to your advantage! Amazing picture by the way. Glad to hear the insane tantrums of impending implosion are a common 4 year old thing. :-)

  3. Kids!!!

    My mom always saves the day too. When my daughter popped her balloon guess who went out and bought an entire bag full of new balloons and started blowing them up? Then, guess who didn't seem to care at all about balloons anymore?

    Kids!!! (insert parental eye rolling and lots of heavy sighing).

  4. Love me some Joey!!! Thanks, Marianne!!! Can't wait to see him at all the Wedding festivities. I loved talking to Joey at the St. Pat's party 2 years ago. I bored the pants off of him, so much that he hijacked the conversation I started about his spider man shoes to announce to me that he "had teeth".

    Great to see you guys yesterday, found the Virgin Mary wood carving I was telling you about, NW corner of 96th and Ridgeway. Drive around to the front of the house for a Catholic surprise attached to the gutter.


  5. That is so hilarious. He's adorable. And,what a great grandma.

  6. Herherherherherher (because he always gets the laughs). This is beautiful, I saw it all, great writing, great story, great grandma.

  7. He is so cute; what a great story of a grandmother's love and dedication to her grandson!

    (LOL, if I do read a juicy book this summer, you;ll be the first person I let know; I'm trying to think of the name of the book that is suppose to be very "hot" that it got banned from a library in Florida, but just heard last week the library decided to bring back its 19 copies it had of the book......darn; just can't remember the name, I think it was part of a series too :)


  8. Hahaha! What a star! And what a beautiful picture.

  9. Anonymous - Ha! He's "passionate" alright!

    Mama Melch - Joey is my best picker-upper, so you're right - OCD does have its advantages!

    Itsadomelife - our moms ought to hang.

    Jeanine - I can totally see him announcing out of the blue that he "has teeth." And I'm checking out the Virgin mary wood carving today (with camera of course).

    Kelly - I'll drop him off tomorrow. Say noon?

    Jewels - Thank you! I'm sort of partial to him myself.

    Julie - Thank you (and the herheherher think took me a minute, I'm so not smart).

    That corgie - They still ban books? Are they burning witches, too? I'm intrigued!

    Lily - Don't let the angelic face fool ya! He's trouble that one. You understand. (;

  10. Too funny! For the record, I regularly read and will shout it from the rooftops if you want me to :)