Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Man and His Potato Chip

Click here for my latest in Chicago Parent on how a bag of potato chips shed light on my husband's way of thinking. 



  1. That picture just sucked me in! My favorite all time chips - Lay's Originals. Can't beat 'em!

  2. Very funny stuff, Marianne! I swear this could be a conversation between me and my husband—in fact, I think it just might have been. LOL That’s because men simply don’t think the same way we do. They tend to be more linear in their thought process while we’re more…creative and imaginative. :D

  3. Oh no! There's another one out there? I'm constantly arguing that point with Magoo. It's beyond my comprehension that he's really just got a chunk of cheese for a brain!
    But he's sure got a talent for stringing 25 adjectives together about how rapturously delicious his peanut M&M's are. Go figure.
    You poor woman. ;)

  4. I envy your husband. I have to admit I would love to be able to turn my brain off (especially in the middle of the night when I wake up wondering if I paid the electric bill, remembered everything at the grocery store or can't get that annoying song out of my head). Also, to be that happy and satisfied over a chip kind of seems lucky or smart or easy. I'd like to be like that sometimes!

  5. I think he's telling you the truth too, LOL, about the C-Prompt. I think we make them out to be deeper thinkers than we are; and I'm not bashing them, I just think there definitely is a difference between the way we are wired and men are wired. Like we can multitask and multipurpose but they (at least my hubby) can only seem to do one thing at a time, yet he's a very smart man. But too cute about the chips and now I want to go and buy a bag of them to see if I'm lucky enough to find one that is folded over like that :)


  6. Hahaha! I absolutely loved this, so funny!I adore the dynamics between you and your hubby.

    I think he should write an entire post about this, it would be hilarious!

  7. Judy - The are yummy!

    Super Earthling - I think our husbands should hang. Maybe between the two of them, their alert brains would equal half a woman? And then maybe somebody else could take care of all this paperwork?

    Tina - I'm starting to see a theme. Men only seem to get animated over food. It's all making sense....

    itsadomelife - In my next life, that is my plan. I'm coming back as a man. And I too will want folded chips.

    That corgi - let me know what you think of them! I'm hungry now.

    Lily - Thanks & perhaps I will! Thank you for the suggestion. (:

  8. I often visit the C-prompt mode. It's were men dwell for safety. We have two wires. One is black and the other white. You gals have many wires; therefore, pink, yellow, blue, green, brown, in addition to black and white and all the other remaining colors. Your the best.

  9. Those folded over chips are pretty tasty. I must admit! And sometimes I think of nothing..........Am I a man?

    My hubby and I have those kinds of conversations while sitting out back. His 'ahhhh, this is the life.I am so happy right now' is usually because his beer was the perfect cold temperature.

  10. SF - another grand metaphor, SF. I may steal it.

    Kyla - No need to steal. I lend him out for a nominal fee.

    JR - Now I want beer.

  11. My husband is also a huge fan of the folded over chips. I'm pretty sure he would break my arm off if I tried to grab a folded one from the bag/bowl before he got to it! Also, Pop Tarts and Burgers...who would need anything else? That sounds like my dream diet..YUM!

  12. I would totally buy a bag of folded chips.. Your husband is sitting on a goldmine of an idea..quick call Lay's. before I do.