Friday, June 29, 2012

The Next Wheaties Coverboy

Sure, Chicago lost its bid for the Olympics a while ago.

But do you think that would put a stop to Joey's intense training schedule?

If you believe that, then you don't know Joey:

Joey is available for any and all endorsement deals.  See his agent Marianne Kardashian who requires all fees be paid in jars of Nutella (the extra-large ones from Costco only).


  1. I'd say something clever, but those pictures made me tired. I'll think of something after my nap.

  2. I don't even know how to tell you how much I love pictures of boys romping. It's my favorite thing in this entire universe.

  3. That's a happy boy.
    That smile is contagious- he's adorable!

  4. Love his energy AND his Oscar shirt!

  5. Jewels - Do you know how SKINNY I'd be if I did the exact same things Joey did? Maybe after MY nap....

    Erica - Romping boys are awesome. They're just so happy to be part of the world.

    Tina - Thank you! I of course am biased, but appreciate the kind words!

    Andrea - Oscar kicks ass. Thanks for noticing!

  6. Love an active kid like Joey! He's so cute!! Must be fun to (try) to keep up with him!


  7. Loved these happy pictures. My fav was the one of him running with the blue bubble stick. True Laughter! Makes me miss my son when he was little. I still have his Rugrats t-shirt in a box. I should make him come over and try it on.............he is 18 and graduated, the t shirt is a size 8......would that be weird??
    O.K. I will just dust off my picture box, and reminisce.
    These pics will be great reminiscing for you one day Marianne. Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Kardashian ;)

  8. Does he collapse in a heap when the sun goes down.

  9. I love this..all jacked up bottle and sell him.

  10. That Corgi - Thank you - he's flippin' exhausting!

    JR - Oh please make him put it on. Then post it on your blog. It would make my YEAR!

    Mrs. Tuna - For exactly 6 hours. That's all I get. God is laughing at me.

    Carrie Lynne - It's not like I haven't tried.....

  11. Awesome! He looks like he is having so much fun and I love the Oscar shirt too! Sean has a Cookie one! Go Joey Go!

  12. Looks like his training is going well! I love that you take payment in the form of move! That stuff is delicious.