Saturday, May 21, 2011

Too Much Coffee = Free Magnets for Everyone!

As you can see from my little sidebar over there, I have placed an order for magnets for the blog.  These are free to the first hundred or so people who email me at with a mailing  address.  I am having a bit of a manic episode right now (it's approaching 1 am while I type this) and am trying to think of ways to market We Band of Mothers.  With years of experience garnering press and advertising for insurance companies, one would think I could have gone a little higher-end than refrigerator magnets.  Unfortunately, my advertising budget is a bit smaller than the millions I was told to squander for Fortune 500 companies.  Plus, my husband put the kibosh on We Band of Mothers t-shirts and baseball hats.  Let's not tip him off quite yet on the WBOM national convention tentatively scheduled for 2018.  You got to think big.

So as I was typing up the text for my magnets, I suddenly realized that when I shortened the blog to WBOM, it has all the letters needed to spell "womb."  In my over-caffeinated state, I found this fascinating.  Of course, most of my day was spent doing laundry and cleaning the house, so it really doesn't take much.

On a completely different topic (giving credence to my manic state), I whipped up a fantastic dinner of Marsala Chicken with baby red potatoes.  This was all done with great gusto while I simultaneously hosted ten 5-7 year-olds at my house for chess this evening.  My over-worked husband returned from a 12-hour shift at his 2nd job and accidentally ate a cookie that had coconuts in it (courtesy of Atheist-friend-who-bakes).  Joe HATES coconuts more than anything, and he didn't even notice.  He marched up to bed rubbing his eyes and muttering something to me about not ordering WBOM travel mugs.

Alright, I'd better sign off...the weekends always tire me out.  Don't forget to order your free magnets or my mom's refrigerator is going to be overloaded.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I will wait for the travel mug since my fridge is stainless steel.

  2. I'll send you one of the cards with a roll of tape. (;

  3. Hi! This is your neighbor! Thanks for the note... I love your writing as well! Happy weekend from Down Under!!