Monday, May 30, 2011

Mrs. Robinson Buys a Computer

This post is brought to you courtesy of my father's 10-year old computer that he has manged to not kill yet.  Show-off.

Also, happy Memorial Day to everyone commemorating those who died in battle for our country and God bless all those I know who have family serving overseas!   

Flying in the face of all those good-hearted people out there trying to steer me in the direction of an Apple, I admit it now:  I failed you.  When I went to Best Buy yesterday, I had every intention of getting an Apple.  Yet Nick with the baby blue eyes and perfect smile steered me towards a sale-priced HP.  I outlined my basic computer needs (video camera DVD burning, email, blogging, internet research) and he convinced me that the HP would be a good fit.  He could have sold me 10 flat screens while he was at it, but Nick was a salesman with virtue.  And did I mention his sparkly blue eyes?

I went to Best Buy with my dad who had come over armed with a stack of Consumer Reports and sale papers.  Unfortunately, the only words that went through my mind once we walked in the store and saw Nick went along the lines of God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson...heaven holds a place for those you pray...hey hey hey....

So I ordered the computer which is now getting configured by the Geek Squad.  I'm fairly certain I probably could have configured it all by myself and saved $100, but I am suffering from computer rehab burnout.  Keeping Little Dell on life support for the last couple of years has been emotionally draining.  I didn't want to start out my new relationship with Mr. HP on a sour note.  Computer karma is very important to me.  Plus, I have to be sure to thank Nick for all his help yesterday.  I haven't already written about his see-into-your-very-soul eyes yet, have I?  I asked Nick if it was okay to put him on my blog and he agreed if everything was "positive."  I believe I've upheld my side of the bargain.

Once we pick up Mr. HP, it's off to Gaelic Park's Irish Fest for the day.  Raising a plastic cup of red wine in honor of our dearly departed Little Dell is only fitting.  And to keep everyone in a happy mood, how about one more arbitrary shot of Nick? 
I'm pretty sure I'm around the same age as his mother.  Geezus.  I'm going to hell.


  1. Coo Coo Cachoo!
    I was in the same boat yesterday when Xander convinced us to bike to the firehouse so he could show his baby blues and get to sit in every fire engine in the place. The firefighter that he (and I) was wooing was very young, very cute, and proved my theory that all firefighers are hot. Too bad I looked and smelled like something that had crawled out of the lake and my husband and kids happened to be there, making my attempt to pretend I was still in college completely unplausible...sigh.. next time, my young firefighter! Rada

  2. Stupid husbands and babies ruin everything. I still think you look like a young, hot college student, Rada! See you in Milwaukee soon!