Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Kids on the Block Last Night! No, Really.

When my sister-in-law jokingly sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) concert last night in Rosemont, I knew the answer she was expecting.  I have made fun of her for years over her love and devotion to Marky Mark or whoever the hell is in that band.  Yet when I looked around at my alternatives for a Wednesday night (laundry, dishes, homework), I instantly agreed.

I've got a very good friend in Milwaukee who taught me an important lesson long ago.  She said, "It doesn't matter so much whether something is good or bad, but rather if there's a great story you can tell later."  That philosophy is how we wound up spending hours at a house of ill repute in Greece several years ago with our friend Tom.  We couldn't figure out why there were only women at the "bar" and why they only seemed interested in talking to our male companion.  This same philosophy also brought my friend and me face-to-face with a crack house in Arizona with some adult movie distributors.  I believe the original game plan for the evening was dinner and a movie, and in very Lucy and Ethel fashion, we hid in the corner at Drug Den Central and talked with a bunch of skateboarding 12-year olds.

So when Mary invited me to the NKOTB - Back Street Boys (NKOTBSB)  concert, I figured I was destined to get some great stories.  Soccer moms throwing their bras onstage...'80's hairdos in full display...the possibilities were limitless.  I would walk in feeling slightly superior knowing that I was never silly enough to follow these manufactured boy bands.   I have grown-up taste in music.  Neil Diamond counts, right?

Much to my surprise, instead of a notebook full of snarky observations, I wound up having a GREAT time.  First, I was impressed that when we arrived, we didn't have to go up the stairs.  When I am charge of tickets, stairs are always involved.  But when Mary buys NKOTB tickets, only floor seats within spitting distance of Joey McIntyre will do.  Second, the crowd was hilarious.  I saw a cute little twenty-some girl with her boyfriend and assumed this was a new relationship, and the guy was trying to make the new girl happy.  Turns out, the guy was a huge Backstreet Boys fan.  Who knew?  Shout-out to Ben & Kara!

It was pure, unadulterated  joy coupled with big giant $15 Mango daiquiris.  The bands danced, sang, and charmed their way into my hardened heart.  It was the kind of fun you don't even expect to have once you're a card-carrying adult.

Thank you again, Mary, for reminding me that I need to keep my mind open to trying new things and not discount other people's passions.  I'm 100% in for the July concert at the United Center!  I'm also 100% in for adding Joey McIntrye to "my list."  You know. The  list.  If my husband gets to put Nicole Kidman on his list, then I get Boston Joe out of NKOTB.  Yummy. 

Hi, this next song is for Marianne, my dream girl from Chicago. 


  1. Like a delicious boy-toy filled cherry cordial.

  2. somehow, I have totally blocked out my memory of the Crack Den in Arizona... must have been really bad! Rada

  3. i had exactly the same moment last weekend when I went to my very first Bon Jovi show. I expected to be surrounded by middle-aged women wearing age-inappropriate bustiers, and wound up having a fabulous time, belting out the lyrics (at least the ones I could remember) to Bad Medicine and You Give Love a Bad Name.

    and I agree...sometimes you just gotta do things so you can tell the stories later.

  4. Rada - you blocked out the crack den?? Remember, it was a friend of Alex-from-Aon I think? Awesome moment of complete awkwardness.

    Anonymous - Bon Jovi?! Now that one I would have jumped at out of the gate. My very first "tape" I bought with babysitting money was Slippery When Wet. Awesome.

  5. I'm glad you had fun! I was very happy with the seats and the seller's decision to keep them way overpriced until the last second...allowing us to step in and help them get rid of them for well under face value.

    FYI: The next concerts are in June, not July. They are on the 17th and 18th. Have I converted you into a groupie?