Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Club Delay

I must apologize as I am writing this in a mad fury because I didn't get a chance to develop a minimally-themed blog entry for today.  I hosted my first book club meeting last night, and I am obligated to honor the first rule of book club:  do not talk about book club

Book club is the only thing that is inspiring me right now.  That and laminating.  So in the spirit of my other current passion, see picture below of my weekend progress:

For those with a keen eye, you'll notice some holiday-themed entries that I will use for window decor in upcoming months.  These are so much better than those horrible over-priced window gels that can stain your furniture forever if you accidentally leave them on something other than plastic or glass.  

When I walked in with my bag of art this weekend, the wonderful young man at Lakeshore Learning who prevents me from breaking his lamination machine every week walked over.  I told him I had been blogging about my hot plastic coated obsession.  He seemed grateful and insisted I fill out their club card so I always get the teacher discount, even on the days when he wasn't there. 

Lamination Guy is so thoughtful.  If I were 20 years younger....why I'd just work at Lakeshore Learning and laminate all the time.  This never came up as an option on one of my high school career day surveys.  Instead, I was told I had an aptitude for numbers and computer technology.  As I can't balance my checkbook and am typing this on a computer from 2001 because I'm scared to update, I feel perhaps my career survey was not entirely accurate.  Lamination is clearly my passion.  If I only knew then...

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