Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bridesmaids Movie Review

Oh. My. God.  Even though I hate it when people build up a movie so much that I end up being disappointed, I'm going to engage in the practice anyway.  I saw the movie Bridesmaids last night with Atheist-Friend and my husband's sister, Mary.  It had been a long day of parks, laundry, and no time to eat anything but a handful of Oreos at 9:00 am.  I arrived at the movie crabby, crampy, and hungry.  It was like my own miserable trio of Snow White's dwarfs was accompanying me. 

I just googled "dwarves" and "dwarfs" for correct spelling, and apparently both are acceptable.  

We arrived in time to buy popcorn and alleviate my hunger pains, but I couldn't bring myself to actually pay $12.50 for a small popcorn and a coke.  Mary offered me some Goldfish crackers while I dug around in my purse trying to find the 12 cent beef jerkies I bought at the gas station last weekend when they were on clearance.  Clearance beef jerkies.  As I type this, I realize I should be a little nervous eating clearance beef jerkies.  Do beef jerkies go bad?  Anyway, with my bad mood firmly established and food options limited to orange crackers or pickled meat sticks, we found our seats.  

Two hours later, I was wiping away tears of laughter and practically skipping out of the show.  The movie was hilarious.  For those who prefer high-brow stuff, this film is not for you.  For those who walk through life with a certain amount of grace and cool, this movie is definitely not for you.  For anyone who embarrasses themselves regularly and has friends who sometimes cause them to cringe....this movie is tailor-made for you.  Without giving away the plot, the movie embraces the themes of friendship, unconditional love, and poop.  YES I KNOW.  The very cornerstone of my life and blog!  Poop yet again!  Kismet.

The number of embarrassing and awkward moments in this movie probably sets some kind of record.  I give great kudos to Melissa McCarthy (Jenny McCarthy's cousin for all you Mother McAuley grads out there from Beverly who went to high school with her).  Melissa's physical humor left my sides hurting.  Star Kristin Wig's deadpan style and delivery were perfection.  Atheist-Friend walked to the parking lot raving about "Tina Fey's" performance.  When I told her Tina Fey wasn't in the movie and that it was Kristin Wig, I don't think she believed me.  We need to get Atheist-Friend a subscription to People Magazine ASAP. 

I don't see too many movies anymore because of the cost of babysitters, tickets, and now apparently mortgage-priced popcorn.  Yet for any mom out there who is having a crappy day and looking for a laugh, Bridesmaids may be your answer.  It certainly helped me.


  1. I really didn't want to see this movie, but you're the 2nd person, of trusted opinion, that recommended it! I'll have to check it out.

  2. I hope I haven't over-sold it. The first 10 minutes I thought I'd made a mistake going to this movie. Yet the fact that I went into it ready to commit a homicide and walked out in a feel-good mood ought to tell you something. I know I'm not going to remember it in three years, but for a weekday pick-me-up, it was perfect.