Friday, April 29, 2011

The Only Carpool Listening to "Rent"

It was my turn to drive carpool this week with 3 extra little boys in the back seat who are not mine.  We do not have a DVD player in our minivan, so music is the only thing I can use to distract my little army from hand-to-hand combat while driving home.  As the boys were extra keyed-up the other day, I quickly popped in my Rent  CD.  Instantly, everyone started banging their heads and singing:

"We're not gonna pa-ay...we're not gonna pa-ay....we're not gonna pa-ay next year's rent..."

We've been listening to Rent for most of the year, so they know several of the songs by heart.  Naturally, I've had to limit some of the selections (like the song that rhymes "sodomy" with "God and me" for instance), but they know most of the kid-friendly tunes.

When I saw the movie Knocked Up, I think I was the only person laughing in the scene where the two little girls are in the backseat fighting over music selections.

"I want to listen to Rent!" the one little girl in the move shouted.

I nearly chocked on my popcorn. 

My boys also know many of the songs from Mama Mia, Wicked and Les Miserables.  As I spend most of my days driving kids to various schools, activities, and functions, I feel it is my duty as a mother to mix up their music.  My husband on the other hand would prefer to have them only listen to classic rock.  Every time he gets in the car when I've left a CD on, the look I get could topple mountains.  He can't switch it off fast enough.

But I don't care.  I will continue to broadcast a wide array of Broadway tunes until my sons beg me to stop in their teen years.  Even then, we will have to negotiate cleaning their rooms for turning off, say, Hairspray.

It's all about leverage.

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