Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs & Jesus

Our family is currently on Year One of religious education for the boys.  Not exactly the most fervent of Catholics, my husband and I are being punished by having to get up for 8:15 am CCD every Sunday. Sure, it's not exactly the 40-days-in-the-desert variety of suffering, but we're only human.  The boys of course are soaking it all in and have come up with dozens of questions after each session.

Why does Jesus like Easter Eggs?

Can I baptize my Transformer?

Is God Jesus' dad or is it Joe-Fish (Joseph)?

Do I have to practice the piano in heaven?

With all the current Lent and Easter discourse, we are knee-deep in crucifixion fascination.  The boys talk about the nails through the palms, crown of thorns, and rising from the grave as though it were a sci-fi movie.  While I explain to them that this story is the basis for our faith, I am often interrupted.

"Why didn't Jesus just use his powers and kill Punch Us Pilot (Pontius Pilate)? "

"Why is Jesus naked on the cross?  Did they give him a bath first?"

"Was the Easter Bunny at the crucifixion?"

The last question leads me to the mess I'm going to be in once the boys lose their belief in Santa Claus and the Big Rabbit.  We have so tied together the character inventions of holiday celebrations to Christian faith that I worry once belief is lost in one, will faith also be diminished?  Despite being an infrequent mass attendee, I do find comfort in my faith and hope for the same for my sons.

No time to fret now, though, I've got to hide 100 plastic eggs stuffed with jelly beans and Tootsie rolls. 

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