Friday, December 5, 2014

The Contest - Week 26: Kinetic Sand

Week 26 of The Contest continues! 

With Christmas as my inspiration, I found the perfect product to celebrate this week - Kinetic Sand.  Sounds dirty, right?

Not so.

Letter below.


Dear Kinetic Sand,

I have a sensory kid. Sensory seekers love sand. It is their nature to dive head-first into sandy, grainy heaven whenever the opportunity arises. Sand is their happy place.

I am a sensory mom, but a different kind. I am a sensory avoider.


I hate finding it in the kids’ beds after the beach. I hate when it gets between my toes. I hate shaking out towels full of the stuff. Sand is my mortal enemy.

So what is a mom to do when her 7-year old continues to beg for a sandbox or indoor sand kit? Why, she buys Kinetic Sand for Christmas this year. I found the stuff at a local store and I wanted to see how truly non-messy it was. The stuff is gold. No spillage. No sand in my toes. No sensory overload.

And my first grader will know for a fact that Santa loves him way more than mommy.

On behalf of all the sensory people in my home….


Marianne Walsh


To date, no response.  But I continue to hold out hope.  In the interim, check out Andrea's letter today!  The contest may be getting closer!


  1. Ooooooh! Time to build my very own castle!

  2. I have never heard of kinetic sand. What is it?


  3. I hate sand too. This stuff might be miracle sand, but in all honesty, I'm glad I don't have to buy this either...


  4. Well, first of all, Normal sand you can clump together into a ball, roll it around in you hands and make a little sand snowman out of it, sit back and admire your lack of artistic skills... well, Not this stuff.

    You can clump it together into a ball for about six seconds, and then it starts to escape, crumbling at ever increasing speeds till your ball is a mass of instant erosion.

    If you roll it around in your hands, it begins dribbling out the gaps, as if waiting for the first chance it gets.

    If you make a little sandman, it quickly crumbles, as if pointing out the futility of your attempts at order, gleefully demonstrating entropy.

    If you tightly pack it into a low center of gravity mass and stare at it... well, it just lies there and does nothing.

    But if you attempt to add height to that mass, it mocks your attempts.

    This is sand that does not behave well.

    It's very naughty sand.

    1. HOLY CRAP! You responded! Sorry - been busy with these damn kids. TOO COOL!