Friday, December 19, 2014

The Contest - Week 28: A Response!

Andrea's going to kill me.  Based on the plague, forgetfulness, and general procrastination, I have taken to emailing a few of my CONTEST letters.

Apparently, this may be against the rules.

Rules I made up and promptly forgot.

Regardless, I'm hoping my worthy competition lets this one slide as I received a lovely form email from the people at Lemax, good for (fingers crossed) one point.


Thank you for your interest in Lemax Village Collection.

It is great to receive response from consumers like you. It let us know what consumers like or not like. We will forward your message to the related department. Any potential products which are in compliance with the company's marketing strategy we will try the best to produce.

Please keep on writing to us and we value your suggestions/comments. Should you have further question, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks again for your email to Hope you enjoy your collection of Lemax!

Best regards,

Lemax - Customer Service


A little Lemax love is better than no Lemax love, right?

Check out Andrea's way better entry HERE.  If she lets it slide, my score will be increased to the unsavory number 69.  Or quite possibly, not.


  1. So you're a rule breaker. Maybe you should lose points. We must be fair.


  2. Okay...autocorrect doesn't like Lemax. But it does like ale. I can relate.

  3. Go ahead, take your lewd number! You have the plague to thank for my generosity...and also my concern over your acceptance of knick knacks in your life. ;)