Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ingredients for a Successful Bash

The southside of Chicago has provided some invaluable tips to me over the years relative to throwing a successful party. In an effort to share my vast experience and wisdom, I have compiled a list for any hostess in need:

1.Do not let Marianne cook.This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead, consider ordering super giant sandwiches from Mr. Sub:

You're a little hungry now, aren't you?
2.  Always count on really thirsty revelers:

These are the "left-overs." 
3.  Make sure your guests of honor are great people who have brought much joy to your life:

Our newly-engaged couple, Mary & John. 

4.  Most importantly, don't kill yourself trying to make your house look perfect.  Shove every last toy, unfolded bit of clothing, and extra clutter into an upstairs bedroom.  Lock the door:

My mother and sister would disown me if they saw this picture.
That's all!  Now back to "handling" all this extra beer laying around. Nobody happens to have a sliced orange to go with my Blue Moon, do they?

*************IMPORTANT UPDATE**************

If anyone can identify the owner of these fun dishes left at my house, please contact me at as soon as possible.  After one month, I write my name on the bottom and pretend they're mine:

Colorful, pretty, and unclaimed.


  1. I'm still searching our house after everything related to living was hidden away for our Christmas party. God forbid people see that we actually live in our homes lollllll.

  2. Good LORD, those are big sandwiches!

    Sadly, that's what my bedroom looks like on a good day. :\

    Congratulations to Mary and John! :)

  3. Thanks for a great party Marianne! It's fun to be the guest of honor, especially when you have a fun party thrower. That sub sandwich was delicious. I haven't had one of
    those giant ones in forever! I don't think I ever had the option of choosing between 3!!! By the way, I know those dishes and I believe Therese is the owner. I'll be hitting you up for those pictures. We are bad about pictures. I think we only have a couple. Thanks for making me famous. Hmm, I think I am going to go through your old entries and find the picture that you drew of us with the one on this entry. I bet if you put them next to each other, they are a good match.

  4. Just how many people did you have at this party or were they really, really hungry? Your setup could of probably serve some small countries Lmao...

  5. Kirby - I've learned it's just easier this way, no re-arranging your entire house for a party.

    Maplewood - That's why "the holding room" works best. If you can't find it, you know your wife shoved it somwhere in there!

    Skwishee - and quite delicious!

    Mary - I am awesome. I'll send you pics in a few minutes!

    Maplewood - The bride comes from a family of 7, the groom comes from a family of 9. Add spouses, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. To be fair, I still kind of over-ordered. It's the Old Irish Way = better to have too much food than not enough.

  6. No offense to Mary but after reading her comment, it sounds like she single handedly ate one of the sandwiches herself lol..

    and regarding the Irish tradition of always having more than enough food on hand...couple of years ago I was chastised by the folks at Chi Tung for ordering to moch fude.."youuu audare to moch fude" true story. I had to explain to them that I like leftovers.

  7. Love the assortment of beer. It is important to give your guests choices.

    And the room, I laughed out loud.At my old house, when my first two kids were little we had a spare room.

    It was deemed the 'Junk Room'- others may have a junk drawer, but I took it one step further.

    You look like a good hostess!!!

  8. Love the bedroom! I find laundry baskets to be sup swell clutter relocaters...but sometimes I forget to unpack them in a timely fashion!

  9. I've got boat loads of oranges...bring it!

  10. I LOVE that the extra bedroom is full of all that stuff! Ha! You are my twin!


  11. Maplewood - Mary didn't eat an entire sandwich. That would be me.

    JR - THANKS! I knew there was a reason I make my boys share a room. I need a "junk room!"

    Andrea - we're supposed to unpack them??

    Tina - you're lucky I don't know where you live!

    MOV - I doubt it. I've seen your home pictures. You're a Virgo. I doubt you've got a single thing out of place in your home. Leos are slobs. ):

  12. Oh yes. That extra bedroom always does the trick! Did anyone claim those dishes?