Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost Famous

The March edition of Chicago Parent is hot off the presses with yours truly appearing on the cool, yet understated, page 105:

My sons were more impressed that Patrick Sharp was on the cover:

When I turned to my carpool nephew, Drew, and advised him my world dominance had begun, he responded only:

"You're no Ellen."

Whatever.  But be sure to check out my latest Chicago Parent Magazine essay on braces!


  1. It's adorable! You're no out for that kid. He's smart.

  2. Congratulations! I mean, the by-line is nice and all, but you look GREAT in that picture!

  3. Your hair looks fabulous, and the boys look so spiffy (must have been pre mud puddles)

    Great picture, and what a great feeling for you!! If that was me, I'd be framing that and putting it somewhere on a wall in my house (then I would tell everyone it was my husbands idea to show it off, not mine)

    CONGRATULATIONS! Really cool :)

  4. Enjoyed the article. My pre-braces teeth were awful--my upper canines were way above all my other teeth, kind of like a vampire.

    I will say this though--when I was 10, my first orthodontist wanted to put a mechanism in my upper jaw that would widen it over the course of a year or so. That never happened due to my family moving 600 miles away. A year later, my new orthodontist said there was no need for it, and regular braces ended up working. I'm eternally grateful for that, as the mechanism would have been very painful and would probably have changed the whole shape of my face.

    I can definitely see the advantages of early orthodontia. Like the fact that they're EXCITED about it. Just wait, little ones, just wait...

  5. Nope, I think you ARE famous now!

  6. so now that you're famous, does this mean you'll be giving away cars like Oprah?

  7. Ali - you have no idea!

    pathickey - Shucks, Mr. Hickey, you do go on. (:

    Skwishee - Thank you! It's all about the proper angle. Shot from a different side, I look just like Sony Bono.

    JR - I'm stealing that idea. Now I've just got to work on Joe going along with it! Thank you!!

    Haley - My brother had that same breaking-jaw device that got cranked every night - horrible! I'm so glad you ditched your first orthodontist!

    Andrea - I'll be doing autographs at the bus stop! (;

    johnriordan - right back at you, bro! And thanks again for all your support from Day #1.

    TangledLou - I seriously peed myself from excitement. Twice.

    Maplewood - I was thinking more along the lines of magnets, but it's important to plan big, I suppose.



  9. Maplewood - I'm on it.

    MOV - thanks, MOV! A good photographer helps.