Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Out of Milk. Again.

I'm not good at lists.  This fact is reinforced every time I go to the grocery store to buy milk and come home with clearance breadsticks and liquor.

When I planned my wedding years ago, I forgot to invite several important family members because I addressed envelopes only when names popped into my head. I believe I may have invited Donny Osmond, but forgot Uncle Larry.

So I'm going to start practicing.  Writing lists, that is. To help ease me into things, I've started with something fun, like all my favorite shows from the 1980s.

Here goes: 
  • The A-Team.  Because Murdock was hot.  
  • The Facts of Life.  George Clooney with a mullet was still George Clooney.
  • Manimal. I think I was the only person who ever saw this show. There were these gross pulsating bubbles on the guy's face every time he turned into an animal. 
  • Diff'rent Strokes  The apostrophe in "Diff'rent" never made any sense to me. 
  • Misfits of Science.  Once again, I believe I was the only person to have ever borne witness to this sci-fi drama. Though it did launch the career of Courtney Cox.
  • Growing Pains.  Kirk Cameron, before he got all Jesus-y, was the bad boy every 13 year old girl thought she'd marry. 
  • Little House on the Prarie.  I thought it was really cool when they blew up the town at the end of the series. And what was with all those orphans Ma and Pa Ingalls kept adopting?  They must of had like 20 of them by the finale.  
  • V.  I know this was originally a miniseries, but it entered the television line-up as a real series for about 2 months.  Once again, my viewership doomed it.
  • Fame.  Totally loved the piano-playing Bruno.  My boys' lessons are starting to make sense now, right?
  • 60 Minutes.  Every Sunday.  *tick tick tick tick*  It meant Monday morning was right around the corner and I needed to get cracking on homework.
Do with this what you will, but feel free to comment on your own favorites!  Thanks also to MOV for the inspiration and her devotion to lists.

She would have never forgotten Uncle Larry.


  1. For me and a gazillion other young teen,hormones at their peak, males,
    the show was undoubtedly, "I Dream Of Genie". It was better than the Sears catalog.

  2. While we're on the subject of TV shows....or specifically the question: Ginger or MaryAnn?....for me it's MaryAnn hands down.

  3. Murder She Wrote. I got an hour of ironing in while cracking the case with Angela Landsbury.

  4. Where's Three's Company, Dallas, Charlie's Angels, Love Boat, and Eight is Enough? Are you not really American?

    And thank you for mentioning me and my lists. You are at the top of my list for people to thank when I win that Pulitzer. Or Oscar. Or at PTA Bingo. Whichever.

    (and I really DO have an Uncle Larry! who I invited to my wedding, but he did not fly out for it!)

  5. I saw Manimal! The gross bubbling is all I remember though.

    And Murder She Wrote. I used to watch that with my daddy every Sunday before bed. To this day, I still wonder why none of those people, who had already murdered somebody and had a gun righ tin their hand, didn't kill Jessica Fletcher.

  6. Maplewood - my sister and I used to play "Genie." That might not sound as innocent as intended. And totally, Maryann. Duh.

    Kirby - Angela did solve a good caper!

    MOV - I thought about Dallas, I totally loved Eight is Enough and adored Fantasy Island & Love Boat. But Three's Company? Wasn't that just the same show over and over and over?

    Skwishee - Thank goodness nobody ever thought of that for poor Jessica. And for your viewing pleasure, I found a clip on YouTube of the Manimal Transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iQ-mzYRl3s

  7. FAME! Oh, I loved that show. I wanted to live that show. I wanted to dance down the halls of my high school. Do you remember Lori Singer trying to dance. Sad. She did make me want to play the cello, tho.

  8. MANIMAL! Oh I loved that series. And here was me thinking that my sister and I, were the only ones to even remember it.

    Also loved 'The man from Atlantis' with Patrick Duffy. But everyone looks at me as though I've just told them I come from Mars, whenever I mention it.

    Great list. :)

  9. This is what w call the Muppet Show!!!

    Oh, Bruno! Love...Nellie? Hate.

  10. I love lists. I'm a list maker from way back. True confession...I still watch reruns of Fame sometimes! Nice post.

  11. Knight Rider- that was pre-Cheeseball David Hasselhoff. It was when he was cool!
    Little House- THE BEST! I have tried to get my girls to watch the reruns with me, thinking they would get that same feeling I did when the beginning music started.Sadly, they do not feel the same!
    Fantasy Island always creeped me out for some reason.
    Whats Happening- Shirley, Rog, Dee, Mama, Rerun, and Dwayne "Hey, Hey, Hey".....Anyone?? Anyone?? Maybe only my brother and I were into that show.

    Nostalgia is fun Marianne. Thank you:)

  12. What about Solid Gold? I TOTALLY wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up. With Dionne Warwick - LOVED IT!

  13. Our house was many of the above, plus Magnum, PI, and Murder She Wrote, and did anyone else in the universe watch Square Pegs? Before Sarah Jessica Parker became, well, SARAH JESSICA PARKER? And Love Boat. and (early 80s or maybe just late 70s?) Wonder Woman. I loved me some WW.

  14. Jewels - AND Lori Singer was Marc Singer's sister from V! And she actually was a concert cellist! I wanted to dance in the halls, too, but I am just way too white.

    Lily - thanks, and weren't those weird shows always the best?

    Andrea - I remember watching the Muppets years later and trying to figure out why I thought they were so awesome back in the day. Must have been that opening song (and the two grumpy guys in the theatre box). Nellie was deliciously evil.

    KAT - thanks! I loved Fame. Still do. The theatre geek in me, I suppose.

    JR - What's Happening! How did I miss that? The sassy sister Dee? Totally my hero.

    Sara - Shhhh. Never was much of a Solid Gold person. I don't think we were allowed to watch it. Too provocative? My parents were Puritans.

    Jennifer - with Debra Winger as Wonder Woman's baby sister? Totally remember that. Oh - and I did watch Square Pegs. I think I even kinda remember the theme song...Square Pegs, Square Pegs...la la la..Square Pegs, Square Pegs....