Friday, February 3, 2012

My Super Bowl Pick

With Super Bowl Sunday looming, I spent much of the week trying to decide on my horse.  Which team did I want to claim as my own?

Being a Chicago Bears' Superfan in possession of one Brian Urlacher signed football, I am still somewhat annoyed that my team hasn't delivered since 1985. 

It lives right in my closet, next to my favorite pair of sparkly heels.
Chicagoans are pretty accustomed to one-hundred year waits in between championships. When the city is on the cusp of one, everybody reacts as though Halley's Comet is making another round. The local news media digs up the sole nursing home resident alive at the last pinnacle of sweet victory.  

It has been 103 years since the Cubs last won a World Series, yet they always manage to plaster some unsuspecting great-great-grandma on the front page.  She might not know her own name, but still smiles dizzily for the cameras.  She desperately clutches a blue pennant placed in her hand, obviously confusing it with her latest IV fluid drip.

Which leads me back to this Sunday. In lieu of having a Chicago team to root for, I'm torn between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  Great...East Coast Teams.  Like we don't already have a complex about them here in the Midwest.  Second City indeed. 

Always a freaking bridesmaid.

While my husband chose his Super Bowl team based on skill, existing Fantasy Football loyalties, and coaches, I have a far more subjective approach:
  • That rotten Tom Brady (smoking hot as he may be), dumped his aging, pregnant actress girlfriend for a supermodel.  In the world of saggy-stomached middle-aged women, that kind of transgression is unforgivable.  Advantage: Giants
  • My husband's baby brother is a high school buddy of a Giants' pro-bowler.  When I signed the boys up for Brother Rice's sports camp last summer, I met the player's mom who works in the office.  She was super nice and gave my kids suckers.  I can be bought with suckers.  Advantage: Giants
  • Two words: New York.  I lived there for a bit.  I still have friends all over the boroughs.  A Giants' victory would make my pals happy, and perhaps they'd even plan a visit to see their old pal here in Chicago to celebrate.  Advantage: Giants
  • You just know that poor Eli Manning has suffered his whole life from little brother complex.  I relate.  Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (click for reminder).  I was so Jan. Go Eli!  Advantage: Giants
It may not be scientific or remotely sports-related, but that's how I picked my team.  Giants all the way, baby.

Now if I could just talk my husband into letting me wear my Snuggie for the big event, all would be perfect.  That, and my fuzzy pink princess slippers.  Talk about living.


  1. So, should I pick the Patriots?

  2. Don't ever borrow my socks again. I can tell they're missing. *Opens perfectly folded sock drawer and points to gap.* If you wear a Snuggie, I'm coming in pajamas.



  3. Mary - Thanks! I am genius.

    Anonymous - Lenny? Is that you??

    Marcia - OMG - I still remember us just cracking up at that scene. It was so totally you, OCD-Lady. Awesome.