Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rejected by Donny Osmond

You know I love Donny Osmond, right?  From the time I was 4 years old, I developed an unconditional and lifelong devotion to my favorite Mormon.  I am fairly convinced that my votes single-handedly put him over the top on Dancing with the Stars

Armed with this knowledge and my semi-legitimate press credentials courtesy of Chicago Parent, I reached out for my first celebrity interview.  I submitted only a few questions so as to not overwhelm Mr. Osmond.  I was polite.  Meek.  Apologetic even.

And I got the stock rejection letter:

Thanks for your interest in interviewing Donny.  His time is very limited right now as he is preparing for the holiday shows, so we will have to pass on this interview.

It felt like 7th grade gym class all over again.

My love will not waver in the face of this heartbreak.  The man does have 5 kids and a stressful Vegas act with which to contend.  Of course, I have 3 young sons, a husband who is never home, the weekly combination of violin-piano-chess-homework-hockey-and-basketball oversight, mountains of laundry, and two blogs.  But I get it, Donny.  You're busy.  I won't take it too personally.

Just don't be too offended if I move my Donny Osmond Christmas ornament to the back of the tree. 

It's just too painful right now.


  1. I know the feeling...I have this thing for Meg Ryan...I'm not proud to say that the the tears ducts gush open at the end of "You've Got Mail", "Sleepless In Seattle" name it. Everyone who knows me knows this too lol. Once Meg starts her pouting and gimpy eyes, I'm done, turn me over. waaaaaaaaa
    So I wrote her fan club, FB page and nothing. So I know the feeling of rejection.

  2. It's Donnys' lost in missing this opportunity to meet a gifted and dynamic scribe as yourself

  3. Aww Marianne! Don't worry. When you become a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, he'll be clamouring for your attention...then you can remind him of this day.

  4. Um ... You already have a Christmas tree up in action? ..or did you mean that the ornament will be at the back when you put your tree up?

    I am having a good day, baking a cake, hopefully go visiting my best friend, take her some cake. Its a pretty day outside today. I actually have one of my pineapple plants outside soaking up some rays. Northern Texas.

    Yes, I agree, you are probably busier than Donnie O. and I agree with Anonymous that its Donnie's loss.

  5. Oh, Maplewood - If Meg only knew what she was missing....

    Anonymous - From your lips....

    Lily - Thanks! I'll be the Oprah of the blogosphere and just like Oprah never forgiving Don Johnson for snubbing her early in her career, I will never quite forgive my first love Donny. Unless he sings.

    esbboston - Tree is not up. But it will be soon! I'm a Christmas junkie - just read tomorrow's blog!
    And a man that makes cake...awesome.

  6. It turned out to be the perfect cake too. I use an eXtra egg, 4 instead of 3, that I've been doing for quite some time and then today I added a 1/4 cup of creamy peanut butter to the mix, my wife loved it, said it was super moist. But alas, my best friend was sick today, didn't respond to my phone calls and so she didn't get her half of the cake! Maybe tomorrow hopefully. I mix the peanut butter with the liquid ingredients really well before putting in the dry ingredients. I am a chemist by degree so I am always playing in my kitchen. I think The Wifey might actually admit that its finally my kitchen and not hers! Hah....