Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chivalry is Not Dead

One of my regular carpool moms loaded up her minivan yesterday to tote a bunch of 6 and 7 year old boys to basketball.  The weather in Chicago can be tricky this time of year.  One day you're wearing shorts and the next day you're zipping up your snowsuit.  Unfortunately, my carpool friend was not aware of the 20 degree drop in temperature and was ill-prepared for a post-basketball park outing (that I have a feeling my son spearheaded).

My pal bravely battled the cold temperatures and gave her own private basketball team a little extra playtime on a Friday afternoon.  At some point, Danny approached and noticed poor Mrs. I-Have-No-Body-Fat-Because-I'm-a-Health-Coach was shivering in the wind.  He gallantly offered up his coat.

Most moms would not be able to wear a 2nd grader's coat.  Yet Dan is very big, and Mrs. Fitness is not.  With the exception of the sleeves, it was a near perfect fit:

Taken inside at the basketball facility.

This story proves several points:

  • My much-maligned approach to raising kind and generous boys is working.  Sometimes that is. Joey is still refusing to share his Halloween candy with me. 
  • Mrs. I-Eat-Raw-Carrots could use a few extra Ding-Dongs for the long Chicago winter.
  • It's a bad idea to agree to carpool on Fridays because you always get roped into extra parenting detail.  Mondays are the best.  Low expectations.

Have a great weekend!  Don't forget about Holly Days tonight!  Oh, and if you're interested in being all healthy and living a good long life, be sure to check out Mrs. Healthy Living's webpage.  I prefer to die in a tub of Twinkies when I'm 60.


  1. Please wash Dan's coat. It was making my eye twitch.

  2. Wonderful story! Its neat to see our children doing the right things above and beyond the call of duty.

  3. Anonymous - Erin told me you were twitchy about seeing Dan's coat. It's in the washer now. Breathe.

    esbboston - Thanks. Now if I can just get Joey in line....

  4. Thanks for the shout out Marianne. I am going to a baby shower today, so I promise to eat some cake! ;)

  5. I read your last line wrong the first time, I had the wrong key word:

    Wrong: "I prefer to die in the tub of Twinkies when I'm 60."

    Correct: "I prefer to die in a tub of Twinkies when I'm 60."

  6. Chivalry isn't dead thanks to awesome moms like you and me (also, apparently, modesty IS dead, at least in my case). We've taught Stomp that you absolutely MUST hold the door open for ladies. This always gets him fluttered eyelashes from the ladies and compliments on "what a gentleman" he is from the older fellows. It does a Mama's heart good to see him running up to hold the door for a lady or offering up his seat so a lady can sit down. I'm very proud of your boys. Cute as can be AND chivalrous! Good job, Mama!