Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pre-Season Football Package at Chicago's Essex Inn

Essex Inn sponsored this post and provided game tickets and hotel stay, however, the opinions I share in this post are my own.

In the years before stretch marks, I traveled for work. It sounded so exotic to friends, and their responses were priceless:

"You're flying to London?  As in England?  Damn.  I've never even crossed the border into Indiana."

"I'll be your minder. Can we please order room service??"

"Does your work know you can't spell PARLIAMENT?"

The thing not everyone realizes is a hotel stay for work is a lot different from a vacation stay.  One hotel's business center is the same as the next.  I never ventured out to find pools or fitness centers.  I didn't glance out a single window. I was a solitary traveler armed only with a Blackberry and a general confusion as to what exactly a "banger" was.

I ultimately regretted not lengthening these trips around weekends to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.  How was I to know that once kids arrived, hotel stays would be as infrequent as an uninterrupted shower?

I thought I'd never know such luxury again until the nice Essex Inn people called. The Essex Inn is located steps from Millennium Park, Grant Park, and other major Chicago attractions.  They regularly put together interesting and fun deals for families, singles, and folks looking for that little extra something to do:


This time out, they had somehow peered into my life and came up with a list of things I love the most:
  • My boys
  • Chicago sports
  • Being away from all this freaking laundry
Then they put together a package.  It comes just in time to get us all pumped up for Chicago football.

Not that we need a lot of encouragement.  My oldest son has been rotating his three Bears' jerseys for three months straight.   

And did I mention there is a pool?

Photo credit: Essexinn.com

I can finally swim in an actual hotel pool. 

The fitness center is another story.  Baby steps.

Details for these August 8th & August 14th packages include:

  • Special guest Marcus Robinson* (former Bears wide receiver) at Chicago’s Essex Inn for finger food and football talk at Essex's exclusive reception before each Pre-Season game.
  • Entrance to the special Pre-Season Reception prior to the game
  • Fan pack filled with game day goodies
  • Two tickets to a pre-season Chicago home game
  • One night’s accommodations for two people, including tax
  • Hotel valet parking for one car during your stay
  • Free pool, fitness center, sauna and Wi-Fi
  • Free shuttle to The Magnificent Mile and Museum Campus, schedule at reception
  • Don’t forget to ask about adding a second night!
Starting at $219 per person, it is the perfect mini sports vacation for that special Super-Fan.   

TO BOOK, CALL 312-542-5119
and ask for Pre-Season Pre-Game Event Package.

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along to enjoy something I missed the first time out.  People often define those lost moments as a long-ago love or an opportunity blown.  I fully recognize my past mistakes.

So I will be looking out the windows this time.

And ordering room service.

Hope to see you there!

*Special guest appearance is not guaranteed and may be cancelled or substituted without notice.
**This package is designed for two people sharing a room. One night stay required, pre-paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
Essex Inn sponsored this post and provided game tickets and hotel stay, however, the opinions I share in this post are my own.


  1. So THIS is where you're putting me up when I come to visit? FAN-tastic!

    Oh, and when the hubs travels for business, he does find the fitness room, but unfortunately not the laundry service. I just LOVE seeing that plastic bag of sweaty workout clothes come home!!!

    1. We gotta get him onboard with laundry service!!!

  2. Hotels have fitness centers?

    Did you know Essex has the word sex in it?

    Did you know I'm a complete juvenile?


    1. Dear Andi - YES. Yes I did notice. Did I mention Joe is coming? GO ESSEX!