Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Never Knew OCD Could Come in Handy

Believe it or not, I have a NEW obsession.

So unlike me, I know.

Read all about it by clicking HERE for full story in today's Chicago Parent.

A hint:

Say hello to my lee-tle friend.


  1. CRACKING UP!!! I should only have to spend 5 minutes in purgatory. Assuming I make it THAT far...


  2. Three words "Map My Walk" it's a smartphone app plus cheerleader in one, a pedometer on steroids! Don't know if it counts steps but it keeps track of all walking, found out I walked three miles at work recently. And I have a desk job! Yesssss!

  3. "It is exhausting being a crazy person." That quote about sums it up for me. hahahaha...Oh, how I can relate!!!

    I joined your group on facebook. I actually have a pedometer that is sitting on my desk. Who knows how long I've had it...probably a few years now. It was one of those free things you can get with some credit card offer. I'm going to have to figure out how to use it now! :)

  4. Oh...I forgot to mention. I'm sitting here with a spoon, eating nutella straight from the jar. (thought of you). :)

  5. Get a treadmill. That could up your points and do the aerobic heart exercise at the same time. Then you could multi-task while listening to a book while on it. Three in one!


  6. Now that's a crazy I wouldn't mind catching a bit of. ;)

  7. I check the locked doors at least 5 times. Maybe I would enjoy a pedometer!

  8. I loooovvvvveeeee my Fitbit and also am obsessed!