Wednesday, September 4, 2013

High Hopes

I had high hopes that this weekend would help sway my husband towards appreciating the thrill and skill behind chess.

Any guess on how that turned out?

Click HERE for full story in today's Chicago Parent.

The boys "warming up."

Do you think Joe is Googling strategic maneuvers to aid his sons?  Guess again.


  1. I'll give you skill, but thrill Marianne? Are you doing a shot every time the bishop moves?(diagonally, in case you thought I didn't know)

  2. "Some days I wonder how we're even married."


    And I'm blessedly and blissfully unaware of fantasy football.


  3. Regarding the Halloween candy, which I fully realize was not the point, but on the other hand...CANDY! I saw my first Halloween display at Dollar General in mid-July. Granted, it was only popcorn balls and candy corn, not the good stuff, but...

    And chess is one of those things I always meant to understand more about. My husband is a fair player and played occasionally with our kids when they were growing up. I've never understood more than the basics--probably because I utterly lack the patience for all that strategizing.