Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Super-Secret Weapon of the Chicago Blackhawks

Game #7 tonight?

It's in the bag.

Trust me.

Read the full story HERE in today's Chicago Parent.

Jack & his "rally rag"


  1. Only a mother would know these secrets, Mar.
    Men won't shut up long enough to notice what's going on!

  2. I admire you, Mar. I never got into sports like my mother did with the other men in the household.

    I have been playing Wordscraper on Facebook with my too younger over-six-feet-tall brothers. They always chat about sports in the Wordscraper conversations and I am left out. However this time I am winning them in Wordscraper and cross my finger I win the whole game this time. They might not notice if I actually win, because of their sports dialogue which is so impoortant.

    So if you ask me to follow the humor and nuiances of your column, I just plain cannot. But as always it was well-written.

    I will say, however, that we need to give Joe a broader understanding of the romanic thing to say on why he married you.

    1. Ah...there's no changing Joe. But he does make a mean country rigattoni!

  3. Update. The Blackhawks won game 7 in overtime 2:1. Immediately after the game ended, I received a telephone request to mail the next day's Tribune front page and sports page to Austin, Texas. My request: can Jack purchase on my behalf, my next annual acquisition of an Illinois Lottery Ticket? PS: .....and the wooden T.V. set picture was received in the colors of black and white.

    1. Jack's drawing the winning numbers as I type...