Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 16: The Contest - Brookstone

Hi, gang!  It's already Week 16 of The Contest and things are heating up. 

I have also been busy waxing philosophical about PLAYDATES and BACK-TO-SCHOOL meltdowns over at Chicago Parent, so stop by if you're looking for a good rant. 

I rant with the best of them.


Dear Brookstone,

I get cold feet.

Like a lot.

I don’t know if comes from living in Chicago, having hardwood floors, or possessing some rare foot anomaly, but my extremeties could easily be used to reduce the swelling in the sick and elderly.

My husband, oddly enough, has very warm feet. He refuses to let my tootsies anywhere near his side of the bed each night, insisting I could cause a heart attack with incidental contact.

As an aside, I really don’t think he’s taking the whole “for better or for worse” thing very seriously.

Anyway, I have never had much luck finding good house slippers that retain warmth while providing adequate support. That was until I got a pair of your Brookstone Comfort Slippers. Upon first sliding into my pair of these gems, life changed. My icicles thawed. I could feel the temperature of my entire body rise. I giddily cast aside the three pairs of socks I had been wearing and swore to never again be relegated to keeping my feet away from my husband, children, and rogue shoe salesman.

I am a new woman.

A new woman with warm feet.

Thank you for this amazing product. You may have not only saved a pair of feet, but a marriage and the eternal happiness of frozen footed moms everywhere.

Kind regards,

Marianne Walsh


As of today's date, no response.

But I'm still holding out.

My total remains at 43.  For the competition's entry, stop by Andrea's HERE!

See you next week!


  1. Cold feet, warm heart? Is that how that thing went? Or was it cold feet, outrageously competitive? Oh, I'm not sure, but I wish they had sent you slippers...accidentally in a size 7 (like for an elf in your world) I could've had them!!!

    1. Size 7?? I wouldn't know what to do with myself. How do you put out forest fires?

  2. What? WHAT???? Where are the slippers?!?!

    They need to send you some.


  3. I think one of you needs to write to a vibrator company. That's a letter I want to see.