Monday, May 26, 2014

Why NBC Doesn't Get It

Remember Must-See TV?

Remember when The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, and Friends made NBC into the sole powerhouse network for nearly two decades?


Not so much.

Still, I decided to give NBC another shot when my brother-in-law's brother, Jay Riordan, was a contestant on the reality series American Dream Builders.

This is the same brother-in-law who had a heart attack late last year, which occurred during Jay's filming (click HERE for story).  Jay was away from his wife, five boys, and family during a very scary time.  He understood and respected his commitment to the show, but it was all done with the understanding that he would have a fair shot at winning.

I excitedly watched Jay's big reveal of his makeover house on the finale last night. I felt confident he had it in the bag.  He took full advantage of his team's talents, understood the needs of a family, and put forth a gorgeous home.

My favorite part?

Jay added floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a glass balcony so there wasn't a single obstruction blocking the breathtaking ocean views.

And then we saw the other house.  Lukas' house.  Since I do not own photo rights, I have re-created the basic look with a Sharpie:

The other guy painted the beach house black.  BLACK. Like the kind of house you'd want to be in at night in London during The Blitz.  

And the inside?  Again, I am forced to re-create the basic design, but it pretty much resembles this:

White Q-Tip on white paper.  You know.  To give it "texture."
A white interior.  For a beach house.  With kids.  Kids with towels.  And shovels.  And adults with beer.

Sorry.  I'm southsider.  It's all about the beer.  And livability.

I was confident this wasn't even going to be close.

And I was right.

And yet so wrong.

The three judges LOVED the Oreo House with all its European starkness and despair.

They didn't care that little girls and boys would have the home finger-printed and sand-sprinkled in five minutes.  They didn't care how much the neighbors would hate living near a house resembling a fall-out shelter.  They didn't care about regular Americans who, you know, live in regular houses.

They want Americans to be artsy.  Fussy.  And appreciative of light fixtures that can't be dusted.

NBC has officially abandoned its roots of middle America and embraced a European culture of snootiness and impracticality.

Going back to WWII, let's all remember who helped bail out Europe during its darkest hours and who ensured Nazis and ugly-ass light fixtures never took over the world.

That would be brave Americans.

And on the eve of Memorial Day, NBC forgot that and awarded the big prize to a European-styled house that most Americans would hate.

I thank every veteran today for their service.

I will never forget the greatness of our country or the tremendous sacrifices made.

Which is why I will never support a black house absent of hope and beauty anywhere on sea to shining sea.


  1. Hell yeah, Mar. You are spot on with this post.

  2. I laughed and laughed... Love your humor !
    Yet this time my little european heart has been a little crushed by a slightly too black and white view my grand fathers surely wouldn't totally agree with, despite thanking americans greatly...

    On the other hand... I definitely can recall, if not in shelter shape houses, constantly seeing white furniture on white carpets and walls in every deco magazine... maybe you can turn the result of one day in that house with kids into contemporary art ? Spot On ! Happy memorial day from France,

    1. Thank you - and good point about the sacrifices of your grandfathers! Many to thank and appreciate this Memorial Day.

  3. Well, boo. I didn't see this show, but I already know who should have won. Yay beaches and beer! Boo q-tips and sharpies.


    1. Based on the majority of responses online who have watched the show, Q-tips are definitely not the way to go. Thanks, Andi!

  4. Loved your perspective on the show Marianne! I think most of us "regular Americans" with dirty little children would agree! Really enjoyed your post! =)

    1. Thanks, Eileen! And congrats to Jay for an awesome season and amazing concepts!

  5. YEAH!
    What SHE said!!
    By the way, I think we need to bring Friends and Cosby Show back.

  6. I feel like even 5 year olds know not to color houses black, that is strictly stuff for a roof!

    We used to watch so many decorating shows, but I grew weary of the "kids can put their toys all in these way too small boxes, put the lid on and slide them under this bench they can sit on to put their shoes on". It used to make me feel like an inadequate mother knowing the "solutions" would cause more problems!

    1. I used to laugh my ass off at those toy bins! You could fit maybe a game of checkers in them and that's it! No, I never wanted those folks to design my house.