Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pants on Fire

Anybody else utilize the occasional fib in child-rearing?

It's kind of my gold standard.

Read more here at Chicago Parent.


  1. Fibbing? You mean like a lie? I don't know what. You're talking about!

  2. Every week I tell my kids that they are going to lose their sleep over at gramma's house if they "...fill in the blank here..." Somehow they still believe that sleepovers are a treat for them, and that I don't have my own motives behind it! The only time I have ever followed through was when my mom or I had canceled the sleep over and I didn't tell them until they really got me mad, and took it away as punishment!! I gotta make it seem like a real threat somehow!

  3. Andrea - Liar. (;

    Kristi - Love it. I gotta come up with something along that vein ASAP.