Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Identity Crisis

In reviewing some of my past posts, I feel the disparate array of subjects, tones, and obsessions all point to one thing:

I am a schizophrenic blogger.

Sticking to a central theme or tone is difficult for me.  This week, all I want to write about is how miserable I am eating carrot sticks and Subway on my new Weight Watchers' program.  But I'm scared that would turn me into a weight loss blogger.

I'm also cheap and find great deals, so am I a couponing blogger?

I write a lot of crap about my kids, and considering the title, I most certainly have got to be a mommy blogger, right?

But I can be funny (or at least that's what my dad tells me), so perhaps I am a humor blogger?

My mood shifts between light and dark.  Happy and sad.  Angry and buzzed.

I feel like Meredith Brooks in her "Bitch" song.


This could all just be the hunger talking.

I miss sugar.


  1. Maybe we could have a whole new category for us "bitch" bloggers! :) xoxoxo hang in there Mama

  2. You are the rarest and the most sought-after type: a Talented Blogger.

    I love your writing, all of it.


  3. I find it best to mix things up a bit, with almost always an element or two of humor. I reread me too to be sure I am on track with my overall agenda. I am almost at the five hundred post mark, time flies! But then I realized that I have other blogs as well, so somehow I missed my 500 mark on the blogdometer. Its just a number though that indicates my persistence.

  4. What MOV said. No matter what you're writing, I enjoy reading it.

    Also? The sugar thing will get easier the longer you do it, and you'll feel better for it. You can do it Marianne!

  5. I'm a to the point, happy, informative, self-righteous,adorable and most of all, cute as a button, blogger...at least that's what the voices tell me.

  6. I am sure so many bloggers (and just people in general) feel the same way.

    As Moms, Women, Wives, People, we are right there with you.Our minds are always spinning, working, and constantly full of 1,000,000 things. And it is probably your mood for the moment that decides which thought you will pluck out of that 1,000,000, and write about.Somedays I will sit at my laptop, and at the forefront of my brain are my kids, whether negatively or positively,so I will write about them. But another day it just happens that I am thinking about myself, and what am I doing with my life, or something less deep like I have PMS or I hate Carpool and this sucks! When I read other Bloggers posts, I think it is just cool that I am let in on someones 'Thoughts' for the moment.And especially cool when you know you have felt the same way.

  7. I don't think you have to fit into any specific category. As others have said, I enjoy reading what you have to say, no matter what the topic is. Its not so much what you write about (thought it is usually interesting), as how you share your thoughts here.

    When I began blogging it was all about (for me) dealing with and sharing information about my experience with secondary infertility and loss and then connecting with others in a similar situation. But over time that changed and my life/family evolved. But by then I had grown to have a passion for writing/blogging and didn't want to stop.

    One of my friends (that I met through blogging) talks about how ours blogs can start as "projects" (to address or deal with a specific/temporary issue in our life) and then become more "process." She told me recently that she thinks my blog has become more "general diarist."

    Someone visited/commented on my blog recently and told me that in many ways we are complete opposites (she is child-free by choice and a non-practicing Catholic), but that she keeps returning to read what I have to say because she really likes the way I write. That was just about one of the best compliments I have ever received about my writing.

    Anyway, I think your experience in common in the world of bloggers who happen to be moms, trying to lose weight, have a great sense of humor, etc.

    Keep writing and I promise to keep reading (and commenting)! :)

  8. I think it's a good thing to be versatile. Keeps your readers on their toes!

  9. HAHAHA I absolutely love this post! I do the same thing, but I'm not a mom yet - I guess that means I'll be even more crazy :)

  10. Dear Marianne,

    Oh how I miss you too.



    P.S. Your sister is mean.

  11. I know just what you mean, I have the same thing happening in that if I had to put my blog into a category I wouldn't know which box to put it in. I like reading your blog. You don't say too much or too little and it's varied in content also which makes it interesting like the other ones I like.

  12. wow, I wish Sugar would write me a special love letter email like that last one. You guys must've had quite the romance. *sigh* Oh, how I envy that kind of love. (I myself had a similar thing going with Caffeine..... who am I kidding, the affair continues.)


  13. Erica - Now why don't they ever give you that option when asked to categorize your blog. That would be the perfect box to check!

    MOV - Thank you, Mov. I'll a praise whore, and gladly appreciate all your support and kind words. You're keeping me from eating a cupcake. (:

    esbboston - You have an overall agenda? I am so impressed.

    Skwishee - thank you and the sugar cravings are getting easier. I don't know what the points are for green olives, but the salt in those are keeping me sane.

    Maplewood - you crack me up. And don't think I haven't noticed your
    multiple personalities either!

    J.R. - Thanks and you're so right about being "let in." So often, I think I'm the only one thinking my crazy thoughts, but the blogosphere has let me know repeatedly that I'm not alone.

    Kathy - Thank you for your thoughtful response. The fact that you chose to blog about your thought and feelings during loss has undoubtedly helped many people out there. People need community. They need to feel that others are experiencing the same thing. It all combats lonliness and despair. Thank you for YOUR blog!

    Jewels - You're right. And the final exam is on Friday. (;

    Amazing Fabulous - the nice thing once you have kids is the immediate uptick in innappropriate stories. Priceless. Loving your blog!

    Sugar - We're just on a break. I want to look size 8 hot one more time before I die. I'll be back. I'll never let go. And my sister is mean, being a size 0 when her sister is a big fat chub.

    Julie - thank you! I'm starting to wonder how many personalities I have living in here. And if any of them are skinny.

    MOV - Don't tell Sugar, but I've taken up with a new sweetie: Splenda. He's not as cute, but it's a healthier relationship. I still do caffeine now on that. I can't live without him.