Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drinking and Writing Don't Mix

We went to Joe's somewhat overdue firehouse Christmas party last night.  I drank several cocktails that were the color of Windex.  Jameson shots may have been involved.  My liver is now streak-free.

Thank goodness it's Sunday, and nobody really expects a clear and concise thesis on a Sunday.

On a separate note, one veteran firefighter looked at me yesterday and commented on my shirt:

"That's from the new Ann Taylor collection, right?"

He was right.  It was from Ann Taylor.  So I took another sip of Windex and tried to figure out how I landed in world where guys recognized Ann Taylor clothes and served blue drinks.

It was all rather glorious.


  1. Clearly (get it?), it was all a dream. My dreams also involve sexy firemen, recognizeable Ann Taylor clothes, and drinks that are a color not found in nature. My drinks tend toward the pink though, as in pink lemonade martinis, or the neon green, as in "apple" martinis. The best dreams also involve the Ann Taylor store manager telling me I am "such a good customer" that I can pick out $5000 worth of clothes for free just as a belated thank you.

    You can see why I sleep so much.


  2. Hey Mar,
    Like me you probably did not notice the unremoved dangling Ann Taylor tag.

  3. So sorry I had to miss it. Please post more about this evening once your thoughts are as streak-free as your memories...

  4. So sorry I had to miss this. Please comment more on the evening as I'm sure there is lots to blog about...

  5. Its safer to drink at home.
    Su más segura para beber en casa.
    Его безопаснее пить у себя дома.
    Sein sicherer, zu Hause zu trinken.
    Yake salama ya kunywa nyumbani.

  6. MOV - You my friend are a master of puns. My dreams would be the exact same as yours except they would include a TALL rack at Ann Taylor's. Damn midgets.

    SF - I checked the shirt, and there may have been one, tiny little tag hanging out....

    erowan - I was SO DISAPPOINTED you didn't make it...something about a trip with like 30 kids zapped your strength? I call BS. I mean if it was FORTY kids, maybe I could understand...

    esbboston - taking a new linguistics class?

  7. I don't know, some my best writing usually comes out with a little bit of rum.

  8. HusBlog - shhhhh. That's a big secret we keep between writers.