Monday, January 2, 2012

The Unlaminated Life is Not Worth Living

I'm on another laminating kick:

Nice hockey mask, Jack.

Favorites include: President John F. Kennedy, the "Blackhawks Thanksgiving Turkey," and Danny's list of what he's thankful for, which includes only "his life."

Some people cook.  Some people sew.  Some people exercise.

I laminate. 


  1. I can tell I need to go to bed, its toooo late. I read your blog title but that one word mis-translated as "un + llama + ated". There was a momentary picture of a Peruvian BBQ smorgasbord in my head.

  2. Cook, sew, exercise, pbttt!

    You have found your calling (clearly).


  3. I didn't realize what my family do all over the house was called laminating...

  4. Severe case of cabin fever mixed with SAD. Get out of there! Now!

  5. Okay, this question will make me sound like a total doofus, but I can't help myself because possibly laminating is infectious.

    What will you be DOING with those things? Are you leaving them like that or cutting around them?

    Because I have been trying to figure out what to do with my son's artistic treasures and now that I see what you've done here I'm thinking, "MY GOSH, that's it! I will do THAT and leave it in a roll and he can have one roll per year and when he's a father I will take all the rolls I've been saving for decades and dump them on his carport and they will then be his problem!"

    Is that wrong?

  6. esbboston - now that would be an interesting blog!

    MOV - And this is why the carpool moms give me funny looks sometimes.

    Julie - Tell me you had a laminated (plastic-covered) coach! Awesome.

    Anonymous - You nailed it. Took down the Christmas decorations between sobs.

    Wendy - oh, Wendy. I would so welcome another sister in my wacked out world of lamination. I usually cut them out and store them in the appropriate seasonal boxes and use them as my window decorations. This way, I will always have a bunch of kiddie art to hang long after my boys grow up and refuse to make me anything other than a new pile of laundry. Although, I never thought of keeping them in rolls. You may be on to something!