Saturday, January 14, 2012

Die, Poinsettias. Die.

I'm so over Christmas.

The decorations have been packed away, batteries are in every new toy, and I've got 6 lbs. of gingerbread men living in my butt.

I really don't want to see any more reminders of a holiday gone by.

Yet these live on:

I haven't watered them.  I haven't put them near light.  I haven't pruned them.

Instead, I call them bad names and curse them every time I walk past.

They refuse to die.

Where's Dr. Kevorkian when you need him? 


  1. I say banish them to the the cold.

  2. I hate to tell you this, Marianne, but somebody has to: those plants are plastic. Yes, good quality plastic, but plastic nonetheless. I can tell by the photos. So you now have permission to pack them away with the rest of the decorations until next December!


  3. "6 lbs of gingerbread men living in my butt."

    Marianne, you are now responsible for my sore throat, brought about by laughing too hard, which in turn was brought about by the words above. :)

  4. I thought Poinsettias were an Australian thing because they are everywhere here at Christmas time and how can they be in two opposite hemispheres at the same time? Checking Wiki I find Poinsettias are yours and they originated in Mexico. I've learned something new today...

  5. Maplewood - I thought about that, but the neighbor's dog always wanders into our yard and I'm scared of killing him with the rumored-poisonous leaves.

    MOV - I do have a brand new storage tub from Target I got for such occassions! $5! I'm on it.

    Lily - I love you, Lily, AND your funny blog dialogues!

    Julie - It's a small, small world. Or at least that's what Joey's favorite Disney music box keeps telling me. Thank you for the fun fact! So it's damned Mexico's fault then??

  6. They are not poisonous to animals. Somewhat poisonous to kids, but they would have to eat so many of them to do any harm that it's not very likely to happen. The easiest way to kill a poinsettia is to let it get cold. Put them outside - they will be dead by morning. :o)

  7. I refused to buy any this year because the damn things just won't die on my schedule. By New Years Day, I want 'em gone.