Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girl (Scout) Power

My feelings about school fundraisers aren't exactly a secret around here (click for full rant).  While I understand the need for school and club fundraising, it's the near-constant requests across three different schools that leave me feeling rather....spent. 

I've gotten to the point where if I am approached by kids outside of grocery stores selling candy bars, I actually decline.

When I'm asked to give an extra $1 to save the baby whales as I check out at the supermarket, I politely opt out.

And when the really nice old guy who sells flowers on 111th & Pulaski comes up to my car, I've finally learned to tell him no thanks.  I feel really guilty about that one, though.

Yet there is absolutely no refusing 6 year-old Girl Scouts from the block who may well marry one of my sons one day (it's how we roll here in Beverly):

Seriously.  How do you say no to her?  And if anybody wants to save my ass 3 lbs when my Thin Mints arrive in February, feel free to stop by.

Also, if you're looking to buy your own Thin Mints, lemme know. 

I got people. 


  1. Me either! We don't have any on our street but when a stranger kid came to my door selling them I bought a few boxes. Why? Because SHE ACTUALLY CAME TO MY DOOR! Not selling outside the grocery store. Not a parent lugging them to work. Not parents posting to Facebook. An actual kid who worked hard.

  2. She's famous! Well said and thankyou for supporting Girl Scouts of America!

  3. I think the Girl Scouts are in cahoots with Weight Watchers. Another conspiracy. America is full of them. I'm not paranoid or anything.

  4. I tell myself that I want to support The Girl Scouts of America and help them raise money and give girls solid values and improve society and stengthen families and educate everyone blah blah blah but it is really just that I love Thin Mint.

    And Samoas.


  5. I'm with Ali...plus, I,we, can't say no to the kids and a good cause.

  6. She's so cute, I'd even buy the nasty peanut butter ones and eat them and enjoy them. Look at those curls! Make sure your boys are on their best behavior.

  7. She's gorgeous. I'd take the girlscout and leave the cookies. (I didn't get a daughter).

  8. Ali - good point!
    Hippiechick - I'm always happy to spotlight the causes of my future in-laws.
    Anonymous - I'm looking for a link as I type...it all makes sense now.
    MOV - Somoas! I forgot about the Somoas!! Stupid stupid Marianne.
    Maplewood - I just can't say no to cookies.
    Mary - I do! They all love her, so this could be trouble.
    Julie - me, either! Nobody to take care of me when I'm old. so sad.