Friday, January 6, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid Does

It was more than I usually spend on a Christmas present, but given Dan's obsession with Harry Potter and Legos, I caved and got him the Hogwarts castle:

I smiled and congratulated myself on being the smartest mom ever as Daniel spent 4 days straight working on this masterpiece.  Money well spent, right?


These brass fasteners arrived a few days ago and the boys have been spending every waking moment making paper people with movable arms and clocks with movable hands:

Total cost for fasteners: $1.

I am the dumbest mom E-V-E-R.


  1. Ahh I want that castle. I love Harry Potter legos, I should be your son, because I would not have chosen brass fastener people.

  2. Awesome castle! Has he read the books? My New Year's resolution is to re-read the first 6 and actually GET TO the 7th. I stopped reading when Justin was born.

  3. So true, kids like the boxes better than what's inside. There's more imagination in an empty box. Aren't they wonderful things - kids I mean!

  4. I bet Daniel was thrilled with the Harry Potter Lego (personally, I would've been).
    But, yeah, those paper fasteners are big fun. :)

  5. gweenbrick - you know it kills me to buy new, right? Yet on the off chance I ever find a Harry Potter Legos set at Goodwill, it has your name all over it!

    Ali - Danny has read all the books. I read People magazine. I'm not sure where he gets it....

    Julie - Kids are wonderful sometimes. ha ha ha. Just kidding (in case the Dept. of Children's Svs. is listening...)

    Skwishee - He loved them! But I really think he loves these stupid fasteners more. Lesson learned.