Monday, January 9, 2012

A Clean Start

I had big dreams for hosting a garage sale after we replaced the driveway this past summer. Our old driveway was apparently built on the only fault line in Chicago. It was full of deep cracks and sharp ridges that made it a serious liability concern.  Yet the new driveway took so long to set and get sealed, that I never got around to hawking 7 years worth of kiddie crap.

I started digging through the house last week to de-clutter our lives in a desperate attempt to avoid being cast on Hoarders. Yet even after I donated gads of things to Goodwill and AmVets, there were still tubs of toys, books, and games.

Then I remembered the online community some neighborhood moms had put together for local ladies to buy and sell things.

And before you could say "Marianne is a lunatic," I was able to rid myself of these chairs:

Jack hugged his chair goodbye.

And these benches:

The lady had both a "Jack" AND a "Joe."  What were the odds?

And even this:

The only potty that could accommodate my really tall kids.
I listed every item for $6 and not a single serial killer showed up at my door. The women were all ladies I've seen around the schools, parks, and churches. It was all very easy and safe. Not only do I have a little extra room in my house, but I've got a few extra bucks for my Nicaraguan Tummy Tuck Fund.

This may be my new obsession.

Which I need like a hole in the head.


  1. I love the buy/sell sites too! It is like an indoor garage sale, 365 days a year! Its not just a local thing either, they are everywhere... just sometimes under slightly different names! I have only bought stuff for other people so far, graphing calculator, microwave, etc.. You never know what you can find on there!

  2. I would've bought those chairs..

  3. Kristi - I'm also wishing I never discovered the sites. It's become way too much fun. I'm addicted. I haven't made the kids practice the piano in days!

    Julie - shipping costs might have killed it for you. (;