Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Paisley Past

I tossed all of my old bridesmaid dresses years ago.

I donated my cute work-function cocktail dresses to charity.

I gave away my wedding dress to a friend in need and insisted she just keep it.

Yet there's one dress I can't give up:

I wore this little paisley number for an entire summer back in 2000.  I was living downtown, single, and having the time of my life.  I also was broke, walked everywhere with my friends, and survived on about 800 calories a day...mostly coming from Corn Flakes.

I came across this dress as I was preparing some bags for Goodwill last night.  I checked the size.  It's a junior dress.  Big ole six-foot Marianne used to fit into junior sizes?  WTF.

Which brings me to my Weight Watchers update.  I am down six pounds and I can almost fit one leg into Purple Paisley.

Thanks, by the way, to Julie over at Feeding the Cat for the paisley inspiration.  For you and you alone, I have also included a close-up of the dress that symbolizes my lost youth and intact stomach:

Listen.  Can you hear them crying?  I can.


  1. With the first picture I had an overwhelming feeling of Sponge Bob Square Pants, which I find very hard to eXplain, maybe its all the blue.

    Sponge Bob Square Dress, maybe?

  2. Oh wow, 6 pounds, go girl! I love the dress! Thanks so much for thinking of me. It's sad when we out grow our favourite clothes, sometimes it might be more about what we were doing in them (or out of them) when they used to fit us.

  3. Great job..6 lbs. yessss!!! You're on your way...Sad to say, it's been a week now that I've been away from the gym. This plague I have is awful,(see nine plagues of Egypt, with mine, it makes 10). Anyhew...hopefully tomorrow I'll be back there flexing, pumping, huffing and a puffin.(Ok, this is really scary, I just wrote that thingy about the plague stuff and like a minute later I hear a horn, ya know the kind of horn sound they had in the movie the 10 Commandments when they wanted to announce something...or like in Rome and I'm still rambling from the Claritin D I took 2 days ago, anyhew, then I remembered I changed the text message sound on my phone lol).

    Oh and BTW regarding my dresses I gave away my dresses years ago,the wife insisted.

  4. So are you hoping to wear it again or are you just keeping it for old times sake?

  5. Congratulations on the 6lbs! Good job!

    I love the dress :)
    I have a paisley dress too, that I will never ever get rid of because my mum wore it when she was pregnant with me. (Like, two months pregnant with me.) And yes, I used to wear it (and will again, I hope). She made it and did a very solid job.

  6. Yay Marianne! Great job losing the first 6 pounds! Only 2 more pounds to go. :)

    I love your paisley dress, by the way, and think you should keep it for Weight Watchers inspiration. If it does not do the trick, your mom could surely sew a little weight watchers doll for you out of it.

    Now, if I lost 6 pounds, it would all be in my boobs. there are not 6 pounds there to spare, as it would take me from a 38-A to a 38 AAAA minus. You can see my dilemma (or you can see the indentations where boobs should be, if only God had let me keep the breast-feeding boobs I was so happy with for 6 months.......)

    however, if I *gained* 6 pounds, we all know exactly where that would go. (hint: the body parts rhyme with "yummy," "fries," and "got 'em")


  7. I have a couple of dresses that I can't let go of too. I know I'll never fit into them again.....and if I did by stomach will never look the same in them.... but maybe if I don't eat this year....and do a bazillion sit ups every day..... anyway, would you mind doing a guest post for me? I just signed up and I'm really not sure what a guest post is so if you do one than I'll know!

  8. My Garden Blue - I think the Nutella I just liked off the knife pretty much killed my chances for weight loss today. I'll explain Leap Blog on that page...

  9. esbboston - You're calling me fat, aren't you? Sponge Bob has a huge ass.

    Julie - Thanks, Julie! Should I just make it into a scarf? It's all rather hopeless at this point with these hips...

    Maplewood - Thank you and NO MARATHONS. I hope your feeling better, and skirts are probably more your thing than dresses.

    Ali - a little bit of both? Yes, I lie to myself a lot.

    Skwishee - your mom sewed and actually showed you how to sew? I really don't think my mom loved me.

    MOV - I'm with you. I lose it in the boobies, fingertips and earlobes. Tragic. All this while my stomach hangs to the floor. ):

  10. I had one of those dresses- filled with memories of youth and thinness. I got rid of it years ago, it was too depressing.
    I think making it into a scarf is great, or maybe some cool leg warmers- they're coming back, you know.