Thursday, January 12, 2012

That Mom

Have you ever completely lost it in public?  You're not alone.  Click here for full story on being "that mom."

And for the record, I am typically that mom on a weekly basis.

My Chicago Parent Essay: That Mom


  1. Marianne,

    As usual, you are spot on. I morph into "that" mom when I go to Target accompanied by my children. Target is my favorite place in the universe, well, next to ... uh, next to ... no, it is just my favorite place. Anyway, I used to take the kids when they could fit in the shopping cart, but now they walk or RUN away! Ack! And they try to get me to buy them stuff, which really cuts into my cute new sweater fund (how many more Legos does this family NEED anyway?). So, Target is my hot spot.

    I have solved the problem by going alone first thing on a Sunday morning. Some worship God, I worship Target.

    *disclaimer: I also worship God, because I have proof He loves me: He gave me Target

  2. Shop should have a place out of the sun and away from traffic where you can tie your kids to a post.

  3. MOV - My husband can't understand how I can spend 3 hours at Target. I believe I will show him your post today.

    Julie - I'd do it. I don't care if I went to jail. Totally worth it.