Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Silly

I could get all philosophical about why I miss working in an office.

But I would be lying.

I miss sh*t like the stuff my friend Colleen has been posting on Facebook.  She has been getting a little annoyed by the ancient sandwich that has taken up permanent residence in the office refrigerator.  For days and days, the sandwich has gone unclaimed.  Uneaten.  Unloved.

So Colleen, having a wicked sense of humor, has decided to add appendages to it every day in hopes of getting the owner's attention:

The eyes have it.

The poor thing has shoelaces but no hands. 
I will always remember the awesome pranks and silliness of my own former work colleagues. We battled daily against suffocating boredom. Did I mention I worked in insurance? 10 years.  Insurance.  Imagine my life. 

Thank goodness there will always be the Colleens of the world who keep us laughing and looking forward to another day.

Oh...and if any future insurance employers should be reading this...I'm just kidding.  Insurance ROCKED!  You're allowed to lie on your own blog.  I'm 100% indemnified.


  1. Very fun/funny! Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh to get me going on this Monday morning and appreciate that I can usually count on you for that. Hope you have a great day/week! :)

  2. Some of the best laughs I've had have been in the workplace and I was in Accounting.

  3. you can have a lot of fun with the auto corrrect function in word. Those that are aware of the function know what I'm talking about. lol

  4. I used to sleep on the toilet at work and sometimes under my desk at lunchtime...

  5. Love this post, the sandwich with the eyes.

    At my (former) job at the high-end kitchen store, I was the prankster (big surprise there). I would take this plastic lobster we had that was intended for beachy summer displays for seafood things and hide him near the Christmas tree. Or cookbooks. Or in a front window display, with the cake baking accessories. Oh, yes, my boss loved me. When I quit after 4 years, she gave me the special logo (golden bumblebee) key chain from Tiffany's. They give this to everyone who works there for 5 years, but she said, "MOV, I know you have only been here 4 years ... but it seems like 5. Good luck with your new venture." Gotta love a boss like that.