Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Room of One's Own

I had big dreams for our spare bedroom on the first floor. 

Things didn't quite work out as planned.

I wonder what Virginia Woolf would think of me.  If I had a library in my house, I could tell you.

Click here for my Chicago Parent Magazine online article that explains all.


  1. You did tell Joe the other day at my house what you really wanted was a mudroom. If the guy your SIL gave you doesn't work out, I do have an Irish carpenter on speed dial.

  2. GREAT essay!!!! Esp. loved the end.


    ps-- I call the garage "the studio" with the hopes that it will one day be transformed into such. Of course I will be 92 years old and unable to hold a paintbrush or cut mosaic tiles by the time that dream materializes...

  3. Carlotta - Lucy gave me his number! Once I get the first estimate, I'll call your guy, too. My future brother-in-law also gave me a number. We're in Beverly - everybody has "got a guy." Beautiful!

    MOV - Still. We need to dream. Or we'd succumb to the entire box of Ding Dongs daily.

  4. Beautiful article that I could really relate to. I love the ending also.