Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playdate Stalemate

It's been a long winter break since the kids have been off school. Yet, I think it would have felt a lot longer had I agreed to the non-stop requests for playdates.

Like I need more of these people in my house?

Click here for my public stand against playdates, as written for Chicago Parent Magazine.


  1. "usurped by a quartet of amped-up Y chromosomes"

    marianne, I bow down to you and your literary geniusness and brilliocity.


  2. I enjoyed your article. When my kids were little, playdates weren't even invented!

  3. MOV - You flatter me. But to quote Pretty Woman, I'm a sure thing. You already own me and I'm looking forward to your next book!

    Anonymous - Why does each new generation botch things up? No playdates? Perfection.